Nature is a woman Exhibition

In-ter-art in partnership with Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm at Kungsholmen was pleased to invite Cawa Media to the VIP opening-vernissage of the exhibition ”Nature is a woman” when art meets fashion. Nature is a Woman as both nature and women share the same attributes: fertility, bounty, and reproduction. Come and see the Exhibition from 27 NOV 2021 until 11 DEC 2021 at the Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm. Amazing exhibition “ Nature is a woman”, combining art and fashion and at the same time a result of a beautiful collaboration between mother and daughter. As they say, we are not apart from nature, we are A PART of nature. Indeed…

This exhibition pays tribute to the relationship that unites humans to nature and especially similarities between a woman and Mother Nature. This collection conveys two essential messages: femininity through women with all their diversity, ethnicities, different body types, disabilities, far from stereotypes and prejudices. Secondly nature conservation, a cause for which the artist Fatima El Hajjaji has campaigned more than 23 years. Her artwork represents this degradation from a fairy forest in all its colors and seasons to the forest deteriorated by pollution and contamination. This collection presents the feminine identity of nature while celebrating women around the world, calling out stereotypes, and promoting a positive change.



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