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Princess Karina Bagration enters the top 30 brand ambassadresses’ chart of legendary HARARUK jewelry brand

HARARUK is a high-end jewelry brand founded in 2003 in Kyiv, Ukraine by designer Viktor Hararuk, a Vision Award winner by Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA).

Today HARARUK jewelry is internationally known for its unique, hard-to-copy daring design, bold color, and compositional solutions. Great emphasis on the internal elements of Hararuk jewelry is the brand’s special pride. 

Most of the brand’s collections are made with big accent gems of the highest quality such as emeralds, spinels, tourmalines, tsavorites, sapphires, skillfully combined with small baby pearls, diamonds, engraving elements, or decorative recognizable techniques. Led by the founder himself, the brand continues to thrive creating new jewelry collections and getting recognition from clients, experts, and jewelry connoisseurs around the globe. 

Princess Karina Bagration joined HARARUK as brand ambassadress during the celebration of the Paramount Pictures jubilee which took place in the Principality of Monaco with the presence of H.S.H.Prince Albert of Monaco, Hollywood actors, and opinion leaders.

In 2022, to celebrate many years of excellence and to commemorate famous women associated with his native land, Viktor Hararuk designed a set of jewelry masterpieces named after them to discover more, please visit: and

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On November 18, 2021, was held the second International Online Conference “COVID-19 Pandemic in the Context of the Humanitarian Crisis: Eastern Ukrainian situation and International Experience”.

The event was organized by the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Ukraine with the technical and media assistance provided by GDIP Media Center and the Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy as a media supporting partner.

The expert group was represented by Dr. Aron Aregay, WHE Information Management & Risk Assessment Team Lead, WHO Office in Ukraine, Dr. Israel Gestoso, Emergency Medical and Clinical Management Specialist, WHO Office in Ukraine, Dr. Ihor Kuzin, Deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine, Mr. Anton Korynevych, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Mr. Graham Duggan, Representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine, Mr. Lizaveta Zhuk, Public Information Officer Head of PI and Reporting Unit OCHA Ukraine, Mr. Murat Shahin, Head of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine, Mr. Igor Katsitadze, UNICEF Health Officer; Dr. Rainer Löb Federal doctor of Malteser Germany, Dr. Fausto Baldanti head of the virology laboratory at the hospital. St. Matteo (Italy).

After all presentations, Ukrainian and foreign guests actively exchanged national and international experiences and discussed possible future strategies for resolving the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

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On November 5, a scientific conference was held at the Georgian National Academy of Sciences dedicated to the 301st anniversary of King Erekle II.

The conference was attended by the Head of the Royal House of Georgia Batonishvili Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski, the Head of Bagrationi Family Association. The Organization has a special relation to the Academy since it not only unites the majority of documentary-proven family members but also conducts several historical pieces of research based on its materials.

His Royal Highness bestowed to the President of the National Academy, Academician Giorgi Kvesitadze the Royal Order of King Erekle II for his outstanding contribution to Georgian science. Metropolitan Anania Japaridze was also awarded the Royal Order for his longstanding meritorious service to society and special contribution to the development of Georgian historiography. Academician Roin Metreveli, Metropolitan Anania Japaridze, and historian Vakhtang Guruli addressed the scientific audience and distinguished guests.

This memorable event took place in the field of dialogue of culture and religion, uniting science and longstanding traditions of the Royal House of Georgia. The official TV channel of the Patriarchate of Georgia covered the event, giving its full support and respect:

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On this day (November the 1st.) is the birthday of Crown Princess Anna of Georgia.

Princess takes much interest in the Royal Family’s many public activities, and showed particular interest in the broad field of welfare work. She is loved and respected in Georgia, her native land. The members of The Royal House of Georgia, its Chancellery, the Dynastic Union of Bagrationis, and the monarchical circles of Georgia congratulate Her Royal Highness on this beautiful date.

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The Celebrity Awards 2021 took place in Kyiv, Ukraine

The yearly Celebrity Awards ceremony took place at Central Officers’ House. on the 1of October. For many years, The Central Officers’ House of the Armed Forces of Ukraine remains one of the leading cultural centers in the city of Kyiv. At the ceremony, the Award for outstanding achievements in various social fields, arts, show business was given.

Princess Karina Bagration, the ambassadress of the Princess and the Beast: The Mirror of Truth project, visited the event as one of the honorary guests and forwarded the best greetings on our behalf. 

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The association “Lake of Artists” and Liudmila Ménager teams for the preservation of cultural heritage.

After the devastating experience of  COVID 2020  people wish to return to normal life, see their family and special ones in a friendly environment. Association  “Lake of artistes” (“Etang d’artistes”) organized an outdoor  cultural festival and visual artists’ exhibition on July 14th by the picturesque lake of Chatillon – en-Vendelais in France to promote national historic heritage and foster cross-cultural dialogue. 

Liudmila Ménager, a world-winning artist, illustrator, and the author was a guest of honor. The organizers state: “Today we all need modern fairy tales and magic that can amaze our hearts and heal souls. This is the reason why this year we have chosen Liudmila Ménager, an artist and illustrator, known for her unique style and message”. Sylviane Olivier, the president of the association “Lake of Artists”  herself experienced a miracle of art therapy through painting after several strokes. This tragedy completely changed her life. Sylviane also stated that Liudmila got broad public recognition for her cultural and educational project.

In 2017 Liudmila Ménager wrote and illustrated a philosophical fairy tale “Princess and the Beast: the Mirror of Truth”, –  a book, which continues the famous story of love, devotion, friendship, forgiveness, and harmony. The prototype for this fairy tale was the life story and  photos of Princess Karina Bagration, a human rights defender and, who is often called “the East European Lady Diana” by the international press.

In 2019 Liudmila Ménager received a National Prize Award  “Golden Feather of Russia” for the book itself, and in 2021  her Illustrations were distinguished during the international “Open Eurasian Literary Festival and Book Forum” competition in London.

Recently this transformational fairy tale was published by “Berega”, a reputable literature journal of Post -Soviet World, supported by the Writers’ Union of Russia. This journal aims at the creation of literary and artistic space and a platform for both famous and appearing artist’s   Special thanks for photos ©Shoot35pascal and Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy for support.

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The Royal House of Georgia, H.R.H. Crown Prince Nugzar attended the opening ceremony of King Teimuraz I monument.

On August 15, 2021, the head of the Royal House of Georgia, H.R.H. Crown Prince Nugzar Bagration – Gruzinsky, together with the patriarchal locum tenens Metropolitan Shio Mujiri attended the opening ceremony of King Teimuraz I monument. The monument of the great crowned ancestor of Prince Nugzar can now be visited in the park of the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. The ceremony took place on the day of the Dormition of our Most-holy Lady Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, one of the most revered celebrations for Orthodox Christians.

Prior to that, during his St. George’s Day sermon on November 23, Georgian Orthodox Patriarch Ilia II named Metropolitan Shio Mujiri of the Eparchy of Senaki and Chkhorotsku as the Patriarchal locum tenens. According to the statute of the Georgian Orthodox Church, the locum tenens will temporarily govern the Church after the Patriarchal throne becomes vacant, as well as organize the process of election of a new Patriarch.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi commonly known as Sameba is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Constructed between 1995 and 2004, it is the third-tallest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in the world and one of the largest religious buildings in the world by total area. Sameba is a synthesis of traditional styles dominating the Georgian church architecture at various stages in history and has some Byzantine undertones. It’s noteworthy that the rule of succession in the Bagrationi dynasty is similar to that of Byzantium, according to which the royal throne could be transferred not only to the eldest son but also to the youngest one. In the absence of a male heir, the throne of Georgia could then pass to the eldest daughter. Today, the  Bagrationi Dynasty counts more than one hundred representatives in Georgia and abroad.

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Queen Victoria and her family gathered at Coburg for the wedding of her grandchildren Ernest Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse & Princess Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in April 1894.

From left to right: (forefront) Princess Beatrice of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; Princess Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen;

(Front, sitting) Kaiser Wilhelm II; Queen Victoria, and Empress Frederick;

(Front, standing) Alfred, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; Tsesarevich Nicholas of Russia (later Nicholas II); Princess Alix of Hesse (later Empress Alexandra Feodorovna); Princess Victoria of Hesse; Princess Irene of Hesse; Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia, and the Duchess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha;

(Second row) The Prince of Wales (later Edward VII); Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom; Princess Louise of Belgium; Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; Charlotte, Duchess of Saxe-Meiningen, and Princess Margaret, Duchess of Connaught;

(Third row) Prince Louis of Battenberg; Prince Henry of Battenberg; Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia; Ferdinand, Crown Prince of Romania; Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia, and Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught;

(Back row) Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia; Prince Philip of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; Count Mensdorff; Marie, Crown Princess of Romania; Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia, and Prince Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Colroized by “Royaltyincolour”

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Miss Ukraine for Miss Europe Global Olga Shevchenko and affluent American businessman John Rothschild announced their engagement.

Despite world pandemic, many celebrities announced their plans to walk down the aisle this year. Olga Shevchenko who represented Miss Ukraine for Miss Europe in Los Angeles, California (2018) is not an exception. American influencer, public figure and a future lawyer answered “yes” to an affluent American businessman, is a descendent of a famous family.

John Rothschild and the bride to be, announced their engagement via social media on February 14. The couple posted a Hollywood themed picture shot at one of California resorts later on. Olga comes from a noble family and has a long connection to nobility. For many years she has been actively supporting The Russian Assembly of Nobility activities in the United States. Earlier, she introduced a media project featuring her love for horses and reviving the old equestrian traditions of her native country. She also promoted “Beauty and the Beast: The Mirror of Truth” Project by Liudmila Menager during a charitable Gala in the USA.

In addition, she was engaged to the descendant of a prominent Russian aristocratic family – Count Konovnitzine, but the marriage did not take place. However, everything fell into place when she met John. ”Olga has really enjoyed getting to know and gradually falling in love with John, she discovered a very special inexplicable complicity she didn’t have in her past relationship,” the source confessed to CAWA Media.

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CAWA Media supports Social Cultural Capital and Cognitive Warfare” Conference.

Do the words “intellectual”, “academic”, “professorial” have the same meaning in every culture? Can the absence of cultural diplomacy skills cost you professional reputation?  Join “Social Cultural Capital and Cognitive Warfare” Conference (on 6th of April 2021, 15:00 German Time – see attachment ) to discuss  the topic with Huib Wursten, the  well-known expert on cross- cultural management and Swiss Institute for Cultural Diplomacy  scientific  philanthropist.

His book The 7 Mental images of National Culture: Leading and Managing in a Globalized World” was highly acclaimed by international business executives.  SICD (Switzerland/ Great Britain) is proud to partner with London Institute of Skills Development (Great Britain), Hafis Institut, Iran Haus (Germany, Berlin) and Social Responsibility Research Network ( international Think Tank) for this amazing international Project. Please, check the poster for more information: Zoom meeting April 6th 2021 at 15.00 German time. Zoomlink ID: 939 4794 8347 Code: 237472

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International Online ConferenceCovid-19 pandemic in the context of humanitarian crisis: East Ukrainian situation and international experience

The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Ukraine in cooperation with the Embassy of Croatia and the Embassy of Romania jointly organized and powered and International Online Conference

“Covid-19 pandemic in the context of humanitarian crisis:  East Ukrainian situation and international experience”, on 4 th and 5 th of February. Globally, during 2020 there have been more than 90 000 000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including almost 2 000 000 deaths.

At the beginning of 2021, the number of confirmed Covid – 19 cases continues to grow. Global sanitary situation is a matter of strong concern around the world. Unfortunately, it is even more dramatic in the contexts of the existing humanitarian crisis. One of these delicate scenarios unfolding in the Eastern Ukraine, which is already ravaged by six years of armed conflicts. Representatives of the Ukrainian government, international organizations and specialists were invited to the dialogue to testify directly about the situation and exchange information.

The event aimed at informing on the current epidemic COVID -19 situation in Ukraine and especially in its Eastern regions, to highlight the new criticisms and needs in the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic in the areas, aggravated by severe humanitarian crisis. Jointly the necessary measures were highlighted and the exchange of experience between national and international guests was launched. The discussion about the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination in Ukraine and the roadmap of possible future strategies was set. Special thank you goes to Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy and CAWA Media for ongoing support and assistance.  

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Today – 21 January 2021 – Prince Andrew Andreevich Romanoff celebrates his 98th birthday

Prince Andrew Andreevich was born on 21 January 1923 in London, England. He is the third child and youngest son of Prince Andrei Alexandrovich (1897–1981) and his first wife Princess Elizabeth Fabricievna, née Duchess of Sasso-Ruffo and Princess of San-Antimo. His godfather was the future King Edward VIII.

Prince Andrew belongs to the fourth branch of the Mikhailovich line of the House of Romanov. He is the great-great-grandson of Emperor Nicholas I and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in a straight male line. Through his grandmother, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna, he is a great-grandson of Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna. He is a grand-nephew of Emperor Nicholas II. Prince Andrew Andreevich Romanoff is the eldest male descendant of the Russian Imperial Family, and a member of The Romanov Family Association, founded in 1979.

He is recognized by many as the current Head of the Russian Imperial Family (disputed). Andrew Andreevich is married to the American painter Inez Storer (his third wife), he now lives in a nursing home in San Anselmo, California.

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H.R.H. Princess Mariam of Georgia celebrates her birthday in Tbilisi

Today 21 – 01 – 2021 is the birthday of H.R.H. Princess Mariam of Georgia ( born in 2007) . She is the daughter of H.R.H. Princess Anna of Georgia. Same as her mother,  the Princess shows keen interest in education and humanitarian service. The members of The Royal House of Georgia, Its Chancellery and all monarchical circles of Georgia congratulates Her Royal Highness with this memorable  date.

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Karina, Princess Bagration ( H.E. Princess Karina Bagration) was crowned Miss Golden Age of Hollywood

Karina, Princess Bagration made history by becoming the first aristocratic woman to compete in Golden Feather of Rus Beauty Contest 2020, winning simultaneously the titles of Miss Golden Age of Hollywood and «SHAMS NATURAL OILS» 2021 y., brand ambassadress (Egypt- Switzerland –

The contest was introduced by Golden Feather of Rus, the global community of artists: According to contest conditions, the participants presented both their creative works and photos/video introduction. Karina’s victory marked one more small but important change in global beauty contests philosophy, which more and more include people of various cultures, ages and beauty types. 

Together with other winners of Golden Feather of Rus Beauty Contest, this victory demonstrated how the beauty pageants changed from typically only praising 90-60-90 beauty stereotyping and social segregation. Interestingly enough, a famous American Pin- Up Artist Andrew Tarusov issued a poster to commemorate the Golden Age of Hollywood with Princess Karina Bagration as model in 2018. He has been working as illustrator for 20 Century Fox, Walt Disney, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, USA Today, Time, The Huffington Post, MTV and Daily Mail to name a few. To picture ”His America” the artist was inspired by emblematic brunette actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh, Hedy Lamarr, Rita Hayworth and Karina’s photosession done for the occasion. Karina, who according to the artist represents the beauty standard of the Pin – Up era, has a long and deep connection to cinema and visual arts.

With Alexander Khanzhonkov, a founder of modern Russian cinematography whose legacy, according to some historians, is connected to Tristar Pictures (USA) and popular Soviet actress Olga Kusenko among her relatives, she is a radio and television school graduate, a Child of the Universe Film Festival and Reel Focus cinema talent project supporter. Such evolution will influence the standards of beauty which are becoming more and more the combination of personality, intellectual accomplishments and physical attractiveness.

A Special Thank You goes to Mrs. Liudmila Menager, The Head of “The Princess and The Beast:the Mirror of Truth” cultural project for floral collage. 

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Cawa Media support an international research by Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (SICD)

Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (SICD) is a research and educational philanthropic institution based in Switzerland (Geneva).  Since 2018 we have been studying the connection between cultural differences and professional success, building communities and spreading innovative knowledge. The approach which inspired us was tested by the variety of Fortune top 1000 companies, diplomatic missions and international organizations (including IBM, FIFA, UN, etc). COVID – 19 has changed professional life forever by moving business online. Most widely used professional web services and products were developed by the USA based companies. As of January 2020, English was the most popular language online, representing 25.9 percent of worldwide internet users. Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy launches a global survey based on 7 mental images discovered by a famous scientist Huib Wursten and Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory. The aim is to study how the professional environment changed for international diplomats and executives  worldwide. Our dedicated partner is Diplomatic Society of St. Gabriel, the biggest fraternity of diplomats, consular officials and other international relations professionals, Swiss and international businesses and NGOs. Please, follow the links to share with us how COVID – 19 has changed professional life.

For Diplomats:

For Executives: 

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A bundle of joy and national pride:  Royal babies born in the year 2020.

Having the baby is the most precious thing that can happen to a family. The joy never decreases but grows with time. Royal families around the globe welcomed much awaited babies this turbulent year. With joy and love on this festive Christmas occasion, we suggest our royal watchers to revive  these moving memories. Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg, the heir to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Princess Stéphanie welcomed their first son, Prince Charles. Some of the most traditional aspects of a royal birth went on as usual. A 21-gun salute went off in Charles’s honor, and in lieu of gifts, his parents asked for donations to child welfare charities. On the 4th of June, the Royal Family of Bhutan released a set of photos taken at the Lingkana Palace grounds on the 29th of May. The baby royal’s name was revealed later – Prince Jigme Ugyen Wangchuck. In 2020, Albania’s royal family is welcomed their newest member. Crown Prince Leka II and Crown Princess Elia welcomed their first child, a baby girl. They named their daughter Geraldine – a meaningful tribute to the baby’s paternal great-grandmother, Queen Geraldine. Very moving photos were released on the occasion of Romania’s royal baby birth by the Prince of Romania, Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills and his wife Alina Maria. The couple  celebrated the birth of their first child together, a daughter, who they have named Maria Alexandra de Roumanie. Cawa Media wishes the happy parents and their newborns many years of good health, love, and happiness.

Copyright: David Nivière, Elia-Zaharia-Zogu, the Instagram  of the Royal Families of  Luxembourg  and Bhutan.

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”The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” – The exclusive interview of Count Leo Tolstoy’s descendant, Count Ilya.

What is Your connection to your ancestry?
– I was born in Moscow, and since my childhood I spend most of time between my birth city and Yasnaya Polyana, where my relatives live. As a child, I spent a lot of time in the “old” apple orchard of Yasnaya Polyana: I ran, played, rode horses through these gardens to the fields. Of course, at that point I had no idea that some day I will be taking care of those orchards, harvesting apples and making juice. Yasnaya Polyana orchards occupy 40 hectares of the estate. More than 33 varieties of apple trees grow here, some of which are very rare and ancient. Certain of them are more than 150 years old, they were seen by my grandfathers and great-grandfathers, some were planted by Leo Tolstoy himself, and they still bear fruit and produce a vast harvest.For me , those trees serve as the living connection between myself and my ancestry.

What was the turning point in your professional life?
– For a long time, I worked as a television producer, but at a certain point I realized that I can do something more impactful and became interested in agriculture. I travelled a lot through Italy, visited the wineries of Italian friends, watched how the vineyards were looked after, saw the harvests .This inspired me to create ”Yasnaya Polyana” direct-pressed apple juice, which is made from apples harvested at family estate. At present, our juices are successfully sold at the Yasnaya Polyana estate, as well as in some restaurants in Moscow and Tula region.

Do you plan to introduce your project in Sweden?
– Yes, our products have already been sold at Swedish restaurants and we will be sending them there again in the next six months. Apple juice is the first product and not the only one. We also produce apple cider, which will be available soon, and the product line will be expanding. Our main priorities are high quality and brand history.

What’s your understanding of the eco-friendly product?
– The products we produce create an opportunity to contribute to conservation and development of the estates gardens. We use part of the investments and funds to renovate the orchards, preserve and take care of the apple trees, restore the historical varieties of apples. My idea is not just the production of flavoursome natural products. It is much more than that. I see it as a long term project that will bring together people who do not only want to consume high-quality natural food and drinks, but who also partner to make their environment healthier. After all, it is always better to start with yourself, even if it is something small. In our business, we think about the environment at all stages of production – from picking apples to packaging, and for us the economic development can only exist in harmony with nature.

How does your label reflect the values of your famous family?
– Our label is the best narrator of our story, if you read all the symbols correctly. They are actually very simple to understand, if you have a key to reading them. If you pick up the juice bottle and start twisting at it from left to right, the first thing you see is our symbol – these three figures come from the carved terrace of Tolstoy family house in Yasnaya Polyana. These ornaments have their own history of how they got to the estate. According to a family legend, they were made by my great-great-grandfather Ilya Lvovich, the son of Leo Tolstoy, together with a carpenter in Grinevka (another family estate not far from Yasnaya Polyana). Leo Tolstoy came to visit him, and became fond of these figures on balusters, so Ilya gave the balusters to his father to use in Yasnaya Polyana. Right next to the sign is our name – ”Yasnaya Polyana”. Interesting enough, it is printed in the ”Remington” font which we used for a reason. Actually, Leo Tolstoy owned a Remington No. 10 typewriter that Eliphalet Remington (a personal gift of the company). It is preserved to this day and is stored carefully at the museum. We photographed this exact typewriter and all the the characters on it, in order to redraw the letters and create our own font.

To discover more, please visit:

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His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II was decorated with the Royal Order of King Erekle II

The Head of the Royal House of Georgia, HRH Crown Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski bestowed upon HH the Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II the Royal Order of King Erekle II. 

Heraclius II (Georgian: ერეკლე II), also known as Erekle II  was a Georgian monarch of the Bagrationi Dynasty  , reigning as the king of Kakheti from 1744 to 1762, and of Kartli and Kakheti from 1762 until 1798. In the contemporary Persian sources he is referred to as Erekli Khan (ارکلی خان), while Russians knew him as Irakly (Ираклий).

From being granted the kingship of Kakheti by his overlord Nader Shah in 1744 as a reward for his loyalty, to becoming the penultimate king of the United Kingdoms of Kakheti and Kartli in eastern Georgia, his reign is regarded as the “swan song” of the Georgian monarchy. The ceremony took place in the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, commonly known as Sameba and was covered by top TV channels of Georgia. Its noteworthy to mention, that it is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church and it is  located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Constructed between 1995 and 2004, It is the third-tallest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in the world. For more information, please visit:

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Royal Wedding 2020: HIH Archduchess Gabriella of Austria married her fiancé HRH Prince Henri of Bourbon-Parma 

HIH Archduchess Gabriella of Austria married her fiancé HRH Prince Henri of Bourbon-Parma this September. Henri asked 26-year-old Gabriella to tie the knot on October 22 2017, just a week before the birth of their daughter Victoria Antonia Marie-Astrid Lydia. 

Henri and Gabriella are second cousins as they are both great-grandchildren of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg and her husband Prince Félix. Gabriella’s side of the family also has an interesting link with the British Royal Family.

CAWA Media cultural diplomacy advisor and journalist, Princess Karina Bagration met His Highness during the 50th edition of the World Economic Forum (courtesy of Royal Bridges) and remembers him as “an extremely polite and intellectual conversationalist and table mate”. Our team wishes the young royal couple a lifetime of love and happiness. 

Photo source: Gossip Reale 

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Princess Irine of Georgia stuns with beauty in  birthday shoot.

Today is the birthday of H.R.H. Princess Irine of Georgia. She is the elder daughter of H.R.H. hereditary Princess Anna of Georgia. Members of the The Royal House of Georgia, its Chancellery and all monarchical circles of Georgia congratulates Her Royal Highness on this beautiful date and wishes that this special day brings her all that her noble heart desires! For more information, please visit:


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Lady Colin Campbell revealing truth in her book about Prince Harry & Meghan 

Lady Colin Campbell is world famous Royal Biographer. A London Times and New York Times best-selling author, Lady Colin Campbell’s several ground-breaking books on the British Royal Family include Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows, the 1992 biography which first revealed the state of the Wales marriage, Diana’s health issues and her ambitions for the future.
Lady Colin Campbell and Leo are making international attention now by addressing upcoming book of Lady Colin Campbell about Prince Harry and Meghan in their YouTube series.

Croatian born aristocrat Leo von Breithen-Thurn is descendent of famous Orešković von Breithen-Thurn family, whose ancestors were princes (kneževi) and imperial regiment commanders in Lika and other parts of Croatia and Austrian Empire. Even decorated with the Order of Maria Theresia, and adding rumor that Thomas von Breithen-Thurn was her lover. From another side he is also descendent of Croatian Novosels (von Novoszel) family well known during Austria-Hungary especially in commanding army, administering Croatia and advisors to the Emperor. Family trace ancestry back to the princes of Novosil and Odoyev of Rurik dynasty. As well-appointed the Princes of the Curia by Bishop of Zagreb, Maximilian Vrhovac von Ehrenberg. Leo is presenting Croatia on every occasion and delivering significant promotion to his homeland.

British aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell is very soon publishing her new book “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story” which has already created a sensation on social media and is pitting the author and the Sussexes against each other.
The book is full of revelations about Meghan and Prince Harry, which is already heating up news and social media. Lady Colin Campbell told the Daily Mail: ”It’s called Meghan And Harry: The Real Story. There are plenty of revelations. I’ve had members of the Markle family to stay, but I’m not saying anything until closer to the book launch.”

She also gave a statement regarding the book on her Lady Colin Campbell YouTube Channel “Chatting with Lady C (Lady Colin Campbell)” series:, which is managed by her and fellow aristocrat Prince Leo von Breithen-Thurn, a wise PR strategist. There is speculation that the Channel was actually set up to be used as a tool for upcoming media stirs over the book. In her 30+ min interview Lady Colin Campbell is telling us how Meghan and Harry tried to influence her book and have been organizing attacks against her over social media. There are attempts to discredit Lady Colin Campbell and her book by recycling false stories from the past.

Some sources are claiming that Lady Colin Campbell is backed by Buckingham Palace in writing her book and having access all the way to the top in regard to the real facts used in the book. They also speculate that the Crown is indirectly using her book to protect the Monarchy and the Royal Family.

After the announcement of date for Lady Colin Campbell’s book, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has been trying to push publication of their book before Lady Colin Campbell’s book, which will be published on the 25th June 2020. Meghan and Harry book publication date is still set for the 11th August 2020. Why is Meghan nervous and pushing her book to be published before, and why such stir on social media? Must be very serious reason!

Analyzing social media there are many comments regarding the Campbell – Sussexes Book War. Meghan’s team obviously strategically organizing attacks on social media and trying to discredit Lady Colin Campbell. In her interview for “Chatting with Lady C (Lady Colin Campbell)” she explains the situation and also shows her courage in telling the truth. Most of the comments are in favor of Lady Colin Campbell and her book what is a clear insight of public opinion regarding the two books. From the first day of preorder on Amazon, Lady Colin Campbell taking first place on the rank list for bestsellers of the Biographies of Royalty section.


*All info used from social media and news* Karina Bagration


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A special event in tribute of The Sphinx book release by Hugo Vickers took place at British Embassy in Paris on 18th of February.

Lacurne éditeur culturel 8, rue de Courcelles 75008 Paris 01 45 63 04 04 

À l’occasion de la parution de l’ouvrage de Hugo Vickers Gladys duchesse de Marlborough aux Éditions Lacurne 

l’ambassadeur du Royaume-Uni, Lord Edward Llewellyn, Cédric & Ithier de Fougerolle, Anne Gruet et Hugo Vickers, seront heureux de vous accueillir à l’ambassade du Royaume-Uni, le mardi 18 février 2020, à 18 h 30, pour une présentation à la presse. cocktail 39, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré ; Paris VIIIréponse impérative par mail avant le 13 février 2020 : carton et carte d’identité exigés à l’entrée Richissime beauté américaine qui éblouit la société européenne au tournant du siècle, Gladys Deacon (1881-1977), après une enfance traumatisante, reçoit une solide éducation en Europe et aux États-Unis. À l’âge de 14 ans, fascinée par les fiançailles de Consuelo Vanderbilt avec le duc de Marlborough , elle se promet de l’épouser un jour. Après ses études, elle partage sa vie entre Paris, Florence et Londres où elle s’entoure d’artistes renommés et sert de modèle aux plus grands peintres et sculp- teurs, notamment Boldini, Sargent et Epstein. À Florence, Bernard Berenson envisage de lui demander d’être son épouse, à Blenheim, le prince héritier de Prusse lui jure un amour éternel en lui offrant une bague. À Versailles, le prince Aloïs de Liechtenstein et le duc de Norfolk la demandent en mariage et à Rome, Roffredo Caetani, prince de Bassiano, tombe sous son charme. À Paris, elle séduit Anatole France, Claude Monet… et à Nice le duc de Connaught, troisième fils de la reine Victoria. Elle fascine Proust, Rodin, Henry James… et épouse, comme elle l’avait décidé dans son enfance, le 9e duc de Marlborough, avant de disparaître totalement du monde pendant plus de quarante ans. 

L’historien anglais Hugo Vickers est l’auteur de biographies sur la reine mère, Greta Garbo et Vivien Leigh. Il est aussi l’ éditeur des mémoires de Cecil Beaton et d’Etti Plesch et rédigea l’édition anglaise des mémoires du baron de Redé (2005) publiés en français par les Éditions Lacurne en 2017. 

Parution février 2020 14,5 x 20,5 cm | 486 pages | 130 illustrations en noir bibliographie | index 25 € | diffusion Geodif | distribution Sodis 

One of the most beautiful and brilliant women of her time, Gladys Deacon dazzled and puzzled the glittering social circles in which she moved. Intrigued and compelled to unmask the truth of her mysterious life, Hugo Vickers (a famous writer and royal expert) visited her over the course of two years, eventually publishing Gladys, Duchess of Marlborough, a biography of her life – and his first book – in 1979, two years after Gladys’s death Forty years on, he has now completely rewritten and revised his original biography, updating it with previously unavailable material and drawing on his own personal research all over Europe and America (please, visit for more information:


Born in Paris to American parents in 1881, Gladys emerged from a traumatic childhood – her father having shot her mother’s lover dead when Gladys was only eleven. She captivated and inspired some of the greatest literary and artistic names of the Belle Époque. Marcel Proust wrote of her, “I never saw a girl with such beauty, such magnificent intelligence, such goodness and charm.” Berenson considered marrying her, Rodin and Monet befriended her, Boldini painted her and Epstein sculpted her. She inspired love from diverse Dukes and Princes, and the interest of women such as the Comtesse Greffulhe and Gertrude Stein.

In 1921, when she was forty, she achieved the wish she had held since the age of fourteen to marry the 9th Duke of Marlborough, then freshly divorced from fellow American Consuelo Vanderbilt. Gladys’s circle now included Lady Ottoline Morrell, Lytton Strachey and Winston Churchill, who described her as “a strange, glittering being’”. But life at Blenheim Palace was not a success: when the Duke evicted her in 1933, the only remaining signs of Gladys were two sphinxes bearing her features on the west terraces and mysterious blue eyes in the grand portico. She became a recluse, and the wax injections she’d had to straighten her nose when she was 22 had by now ravaged her beauty. Gladys was to spend her last years in the psycho-geriatric ward of a mental hospital, where she was discovered by a young Hugo Vickers. He once asked Gladys, “Where is Gladys Deacon?|” She answered him slowly, “Gladys Deacon? She never existed.” The presentation introduced to vast audience is a fascinating personality of this elusive but brilliant woman who was at the center of a now bygone era of wealth and privilege – and a tribute to one of the brightest stars of her age.

The event was attended by historians, publishers, members of royal and noble families and featured presentation, micro -conference and a networking reception. Alexandre Leforestier, the founder of Panodyssey (a collaborative art platform for writers and artists, who attended the event, would like to thank Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (Initiative Group) and Princess Karina Bagration, PhD, the Panodyssey Global Ambassadress, for introduction and support.

CAWA Media Team also congratulates Mr. Hugo Vickers with successful book release andwishes much success for future cultural projects.


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Bahrain’s entertains during the World Economic Forum 

On Tuesday, 21st January 2020, on the sidelines of the 50th edition of the World Economic Forum, His Highness Sheikh Salman bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Honorary Chairman of Bahrain Petroleum Company, and adviser to the doyen of all heads of government worldwide, The Prime Minister of Bahrain, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, hosted a dinner for business partners, investors and royals converging in Davos on the Swiss alps for the occasion at the RIXOS Flüela Hotel.

Dignitaries hailing from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa responded positively to Sheikh Salman’s invitation. Amongst the participants were Prince Henri de Bourbon de Parme (businessman based in Zürich, and fiancé of Archduchess Gabriella of Austria, herself a niece to HRH The Grand Duke of Luxembourg), Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky Princess Carina Organization and Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (initiative Group), Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Vice President of the International Publishers Association, Chair of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority as well as the representatives from many financial institutions such as LGT Group (Liechtenstein), Rothschild & CoUBSCredit SuisseDeutsche Bank, etc.

The event was hosted as a promotional function for the Kingdom of Bahrain, whose capital of Manama this year is  ”Arab Capital of Culture”.




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Humanitarian Press Program won Prestigious the Golden Feather of Rus (Золотое Перо Руси) Award.

The Golden Feather of Rus (Золотое Перо Руси) Award, established by Dr. Svetlana Savitskaya, took place in Moscow on 25 th of October 2019. This International Award is also regarded as one of the highest national honors in literary achievements, cultural diplomacy and socially responsible journalism. Princess Karina Bagration (cultural diplomacy advisor and journalist) and CAWA Media were distinguished for a joint Humanitarian Press Program, which has been conducted for 5 years in partnership with non-governmental charity Princess Carina Organization (Creative Giving Program) and SMS Association (Switzerland).

The goal is to cover international cultural projects free of charge and to provide free media support to charity initiatives which, in our opinion, are not able to ”get through the glass ceiling” and    inform  about their  projects. CAWA Media ( is a Swedish news agency that is apolitical and tolerant and it has been supporting cultural diplomacy since 1995 by bringing people together.

We express hope for successful cooperation with the international cultural project Golden Feather of Rus (Золотое Перо Руси) as a permanent media partner for the benefit of our common social projects.


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The exhibition Transverse Wave brings Mary Bauermeister and Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa together with the sound designer Simon Stockhausen, opening on 16 November 2019 in the me Collectors Room Berlin.


“The difference between cultures, the difference between the arts, and the difference between the senses are the conditions, and not the limitations, of experience in general, just as the mutual intricacy of these differences is, as well.” (Jean-Luc Nancy, Listening) It is precisely these “conditions of experience” that are realized in the exhibition Transverse Wave. Featuring the work of Mary Bauermeister (b. 1934 in Germany) and Rashid Al Khalifa (b. 1952 in Bahrain), the me Collectors Room Berlin presents two artists who were not only socialized in different cultural realms; they also approach their artistic work from opposite ends of the spectrum. Whereas Bauermeister’s work is composed of found, mostly organic materials that nonetheless were previously involved in both natural and social processes, Al Khalifa uses synthetic materials derived from the industrial realm. Because of their consistent, gridded structures and the selected substances, his objects suggest a Minimalist aesthetic with an austere seriality.

Bauermeister’s works likewise exhibit constructive processes, but they attempt to organize naturally grown materials; or, as in the case of the “Light Sheets,” chance was the decisive element in creating these structures. Another “difference between the arts,” or more specifically “the senses,” is created by the composition by Simon Stockhausen (b. 1967 in Germany). The composer, musician, and sound designer developed a commissioned work for the exhibition space that relates specifically to the site, the artworks, and their hanging. Via a total of six loudspeakers, a musical field is generated that not only responds to the objects in the room but also reflects their constructive principles.

Here, the envisioned “diagonals” in the exhibition space are of special significance: visitors can imaginarily divide the room from one corner to the opposite one, such that one side focuses on the art of Bauermeister and the other on the works by Al Khalifa. This partitioning doesn’t have a separating quality, since it takes place in a shared exhibition space and, moreover, is only imagined. The direct confrontation and thus the visual interaction between the artworks in the beholder’s perception is not the only sort of “interrelationship.” Because the sound composition picks up the constructive principles of the works on a symbolic level and makes them drift through the room, an auditive interaction arises on another level. A diagonal in a rectangular space has the advantage of avoiding a strict division of the space into left and right, instead allowing a gentler separation to gradually emerge.


Another “interrelationship” in the exhibition is generated by the omnipresent theme of light. While several works by Al Khalifa address and need aspects of light to exist, a number of Bauermeister’s pieces actively project light: the emanations of her Untitled (Light Sheet) are an inherent part of the object’s aesthetics and at the same time have an impact on the appearance of Al Khalifa’s hanging structure Pressure Wave (Mobile Column II). The title Transverse Wave is a poetic metaphor for the effects to which the exhibition aspires. A “transverse wave” consists of oscillations that occur perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer. Initiated from one side, after an interval it reaches the opposite side, creating a connection that can in turn be imagined in the reverse direction. The principle of the wave and the connection inherent in it doesn’t just occur as light or sound waves; it also recurs in the creation of the material used for the stone reliefs, in the design principles of the artworks, and in the composition’s auditory features. Curated by Karin Adrian von Roques and Hauke Ohls.


Events (in English) 16.11.2019, 3 p.m.: Talk with the curators Karin Adrian von Roques and Hauke Ohls 16.11.2019, 4 p.m.: Talk with the artists Mary Bauermeister, Rashid Al Khalifa and Simon Stockhausen. Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in partnership with CAWA media is delighted to give press coverage to this international cultural event.


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Vasilina Naryshkina is the new brand ambassadress of MaSa jewelry brand

In summer of 2019, the jewelry company MaSa held a casting contest “The most beautiful woman of Moravia” which took place on the territory of Czech Republic. Vasilina Naryshkin is the new ambassadress of the brand and one of contest winners.

The international competition idea is to promote body positive attitude, natural beauty and self-respect. Only un-retouched pictures of women were accepted. It’s thanks to projects like these that women of all ages and beauty archetypes are starting to be recognized not only for their appearance but also for moral values and manners.

The Naryshkin family (Russian: Нарышкины) is a noble Moscow boyar family of Tatar descent, going back to a certain Mordko Kurbat Naryshko, a Crimean Tatar, who moved to Moscow in the 15th century.

It became allied to the ruling house in 1671 when the great beauty Natalia Naryshkina (daughter of Kirill Poluektovich Naryshkin) married Alexis of Russia, later becoming the mother of Peter the Great. The Naryshkin family was persecuted under the regency of Tsarevna Sophia Alekseyevna of Russia, but were then highly favored by Peter and his descendants and played a major part in Russian life.


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International Conference ”Mental Health and Psychosocial Support at the East of Ukraine – Achievements and Challanges”.

On October 3rd, 2019, the International Conference “Mental Health and Psychosocial Support at the East of Ukraine: Achievements and Challenges” was held at the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The event was organized by the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Ukraine in collaboration with the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with the support of the Embassy of Cyprus to Ukraine, the Embassy of Sweden to Ukraine and UN Women Ukraine. The conference was supported by the Embassy of Switzerland to Ukraine, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the World Health Organization (WHO), International Medical Corps and the Malteser Relief Service Ukraine. Ambassador of Malaysia to Ukraine Mr. Raja Reza Raja Zaib Sha, Ambassador of Northern Macedonia to Ukraine Mr. Krum Efremov, Ambassador of Croatia to Ukraine Mrs. Anica Djamic, Deputy Head of Mission and Counselor of the Embassy of Republic of Moldova to Ukraine Mr. Nikolaj Myjnya, Representatives of the Embassy of Kuwait, of the Embassy of the Netherlands, of the Embassy of Norway, of the Embassy of Poland, of the Embassy of Russian Federation, of the Holy See and the representatives of the Embassy of the United States of America attended to the event.

Several representatives of the Ukrainian government have attended the event too. Among others there were representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, of the State Border and Fiscal Service of Ukraine. One of the main aims of the conference was to highlight the importance and specificity of providing qualified psychological support to different vulnerable social groups, such as women, children and elderly people, especially those who have suffered due to the conflict in the East of Ukraine. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Ukraine, Mr. Antonio Gazzanti Pugliese di Cotrone, Director of the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Mr. Valery Kopiyka, Deputy Minister of Temporary Occupied Territories and Veteran Affairs, Mr. Oleksandr Tereshchenko, and World Health Organization Representative and Head of the Country office to Ukraine.

Mr. Jarno Habicht have opened the conference with their greetings. In particular, Mr. Tereshchenko noted that the event is of great importance for Ukrainian society as ”if we do not pay sufficient attention to the psychological problems of the victims of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, its consequences will be even more global and lasting in time.” On the other hand, Mr. Jarno Habicht emphasized that ”over the last period, the World Health Organization has positively noted the development of specialized structures and the increase in the number of projects aimed specifically at providing psychosocial support in Ukraine”, although there is still a need for more solid cooperation at the community level.

The program of the conference consisted of three panel discussions: psychosocial support for women, children and the older persons. Particular attention was paid to the project of the Sovereign Order of Malta aimed to provide the psychosocial support in the Eastern Ukraine, which has been ongoing since 2015 and was one of the first projects of its kind. Ambassador of Cyprus to Ukraine, Mr. Louis Telemachus, representatives of the Embassy of Switzerland to Ukraine and several international organizations such as the World Health Organization, International Medical Corps, Maltese Assistance Service and Maltese International, Save the Children, International Committee of Red Cross, Medicos del Mundo addressed the conference , UN Women, and representatives of the Ukrainian Veterans’ Movement and the Proliska humanitarian organization have made their intervention during the conference. Professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Mrs. Olga Butkevych and the representative of the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, psychotherapist, PhD Mr. Serhiy Bogdanov have also made their speech.


During the conference, not only the results of what has already been done in the field of psychosocial support in Ukraine and specificity of various projects were presented and highlighted, but also the difficulties faced and possible further steps to overcome them were discussed. As noted by Alisa Ladyk-Bryzghalova, representative of the World Health Organization, ”unfortunately, there is still insufficient communication between the various sectors of assistance” and often closed circles are created in which a person is not able to obtain a full-fledged comprehensive assistance. Mrs. Ladyk-Bryzghalova noted that, in general, in Ukraine, as in any country that has experienced a humanitarian crisis, the coordination between different organizations and projects in the field of psychosocial support should be improved, in order to be work more effectively and successfully.

The purpose of the event was to create an occasion for the exchange of information between different organizations and professionals working in the psychosocial support field in Ukraine, and to draw the attention of the international community, of the Ukrainian authorities and of the mass media to the delicate but sometimes underestimated problem of mental health and how the long-term chronic conflict can negatively affect it. The report of the conference works will be published right after the event collecting all interventions made during the event.

By Princess Karina Bagration 


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International news magazine British Herald celebrated business success and philanthropic service during its annual Award and Charity Gala event.

The event, hosted by one of the most influential British news platforms and Fazz PR agency, presented awards to business and social leaders on Friday, 11th October, at Rosewood Hotel London.

This year the guests supported Macmillan Cancer Charity, to help people with life threatening situations. This prestigious event was attended by high-profile business leaders, artists, MPs and royalty, including Kanya King (MOBO Awards Founder), the honorable Lord Rami Ranger, Karen Millen (a fashion icon),  Louise Houghton (an established British presenter and broadcast journalist), Kanika Kapoor, Ali Fazal and Preeya Kalidas. H.R.H. Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia took the floor and greeted the distinguished guests and keynote speakers.

A donation of abstract art was presented by Helen and Volodymyr Zayichenko (owners of The Open mind Gallery), and Princess Karina Bagration and H.I.H. Prince Davoud Pahlavi of Iran ( the grandson of H.I.H. Prince Alireza Pahlavi of Iran) on behalf of the Creative Giving Program and Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (education startup), in loving memory of Mr. Parvis Hanson. The Princess Carina Organization (Geneva, Switzerland) in partnership with Swiss Morning Star Association, aiming to collect and donate memorable art lots to charitable auctions internationally, established the Program.


Executed on two transparent glass panes with special paints, containing gold dust, it represents an allegorical vision of old Indian and Persian civilizations and their impact on global world culture.  CAWA Media Team, the official Award Media Partner 2019, extends its sincere congratulations to all the Award winners, who include Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, Karen Millen, the iconic designer, and Kanya King, the founder of the MOBOs.


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Today 14 of October is the Birthday of Her Imperial Majesty Empress Farah Diba Pahlavi of Iran. Born as Farah Diba, she was the only child of Captain Sohrab Diba (1899–1948) and his wife, Farideh Ghotbi (1920–2000). Cawa Media’s  birthday wishes comes with our link from Stockholm 2012 – We was happy to meet and get to know you, at Marianne Bernadotte art awards.


Farah Diba married Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi on 20 December 1959, aged 21. The young Queen of Iran (as she was styled at the time) was the object of much curiosity and her wedding received worldwide press attention. One of the Empress Farah’s main initiatives was founding Pahlavi University, which was meant to improve the education of Iranian women, and was the first American style university in Iran.


We would like to wish Her Imperial Majesty lots of happiness and hope her special day will bring her lots of good health, long life and success. May Her Imperial Majesty celebrate her next Birthday and many more to come, in her homeland. May God Bless Her Majesty and all The Pahlavi Family around the globe.



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”The Children’s Corner” charity event for human rights and cultural diplomacy

On the occasion of the International Children’s Day, the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Ukraine in cooperation with Teachers Against Violence Project (Princess Carina Organization, Switzerland) jointly organized “The Children’s Corner” charity event.

The event took place in Kyiv in GDIP Media Center on June 7-th, 2019 in tribute of Malteser Relief Service of Ukraine and for promotion of modern Ukrainian children’s literature, cultural diplomacy and human rights. This time the event partners were also: Femmes Internationales Murs Brisés (France), Art Reconciliation (Ukraine), Ukrainian Maecenas (Ukraine), CAWA Media (Sweden), Teaching Methodology of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages and Literatures Department (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv).

Earlier on May 30-th, 2019, the presentation of the book ”Blue Forest and the Wizard Magritte” for children with special needs of the 8-th specialized inclusive school took place. The author read philosophical fairytales together with children and showed them illustrations of Rene Magritte’s paintings, aiming to encourage children to study the world’s culture, as well as to read more. ”The Children’s Corner” was attended by family members of diplomats accredited to Ukraine, students of the School of Young Ukrainian Diplomats, journalists and photographers. Dr. Antonio Gazzanti Pugliese di Cotrone, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Sovereign Order of Malta to Ukraine, personally greeted distinguished guests and thanked Mrs. Elizaveta Melnychenko and Princess Karina Bagration (PCO Honorary President) for their ongoing support. It followed with ”Blue Forest and the Wizard Magritte” book and art-project presentation by its author, a modern Ukrainian writer Elizaveta Melnychenko. The book includes 12 modern Ukrainian fairytales based on 50 Rene Magritte’s paintings. Among other activities there were book reading, quest and giving of the book ”Blue Forest and the Wizard Magritte” with the author’s signature to a quest-winner.

The book presentation was reproduced on the auditorium’s screens with illustrations of Rene Magritte’s art works. The author pointed out that by means of her book she strives to encourage children to enjoy world’s culture, as well as modern Ukrainian literature. Later, the presentation dedicated to Malteser Relief Service of Ukraine and its latest charitable activities, took place. The guests were shown a video-report on recent charitable activities of the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Ukraine, too. Later, everybody who made a charitable contribution participated in networking, photo session and lottery. The prizes included various books by award winning Ukrainian authors, (2 books “Blue Forest and the Wizard Magritte” among them) and tailor-made handmade sweets.


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Hooman Shahbandi, a famous Iranian journalist and a royal watch, introduced rare memorabilia dedicated to the royal visit of H.I.H.ShahReza Mohammad Pahlavi of Iran to Kingdom of Belgium.

Hooman Shahbandi, well- known for his publications and interview about the past and present of Iran, featured rare documents and photos in connection of the royal visit of H.I.H.Shah Mof Iran to Belgium. The collection counts the set of black and white photos of their Majesties, the Emperor of Iran and the King of Belgium, the menu of the Gala Dinner, official invitations and sealed messages to a happy few attending the event. The Iranian royal theme has a longtime “soft spot” in Hooman’s heart as he belongs to the ancient Persian Afsharid dynasty.

The dynasty is originated from the Turkic Afshar tribe in Iran’s northeastern province of Khorasan, ruling Persia in the mid-eighteenth century. The dynasty was founded in 1736 by the brilliant military commander Nader Shah, who deposed the last member of the Safavid dynasty and proclaimed himself Shah of Iran. During Nader’s reign, Iran reached its greatest extent since the Sassanid Empire. At its height it controlled modern-day Iran, ArmeniaGeorgiaAzerbaijan Republic, parts of the North Caucasus (Dagestan), AfghanistanBahrainTurkmenistanUzbekistan and Pakistan, and parts of IraqTurkey and Oman.

After his death, most of his empire was divided between the ZandsDurranisGeorgians, and the Caucasian khanates, while Afsharid rule was confined to a small local state in Khorasan. Finally, the Afsharid dynasty was overthrown by Mohammad Khan Qajar in 1796, which would establish a new native Iranian empire and restore Iranian suzerainty over several of the aforementioned regions.

Currently, Hooman is working on a project of a book featuring the best celebrity interviews he had taken and on a journalistic project of the H.I.H.Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi of Iran legacy in partnership with his grandson H.I.H.Prince Davoud Pahlavi of Iran.


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The Kingdom of Eswatini and Croatia established diplomatic relations after 10 years of negotiation.

The Kingdom of Eswatini situated between South Africa Republic and Mozambique issued diplomatic note towards Croatian officials at the United Nations in New York, USA.

Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Eswatini at the UN New York sent diplomatic note to the Permanent Mission of Croatia at the UN New York stating official respond on previous diplomatic notes and requests from Croatian Government through last 10 years. Croatia in last 10 years issued numerous diplomatic notes and requests towards the Kingdom of Eswatini regarding mutual recognition of states and establishing diplomatic relations between states.

After many years of negation on bilateral level, through the royal channels and visits to Embassies in Brussels and London by the Prince Leo of Breithen-Thurn and his efforts together with the Principal Princess Sikhanysho of Eswatini, who is now also Minister of Information, Communication and Technology of Eswatini agreement is reached and the Kingdom of Eswatini officially responded to the diplomatic notes of Croatia.

Government of Croatia on 7 February 2019 made decision to accept note of the Kingdom of Eswatini and gave authorization to the Ambassador at the UN New York to sign mutual document. This is historical moment for two states which will establish diplomatic relations in due course and will complete Croatian diplomatic presence in South Africa and as well Eswatini’s diplomatic presence in Europe.

Serious negotiations started in May 2017 when Prince Leo held meeting with Ambassador Christian of the Kingdom of Eswatini in London. Negotiations continued and thanks to friendship of the Princess Sikhanysho and Prince Leo which played crucial role, this bilateral story getting more attention of the King Mswati III of Eswatini and the Government at large. Last important meeting occurred in January 2019 at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Eswatini in Brussels where were present Prince Leo, Ambassador Sibusisiwe of Eswatini and Mrs. Branka Cubelic of the Croatian World Congress.

As the Cabinet member and the Special Adviser at the Royal Council and to the King, Princess Sikhanysho put forward initiative for bilateral meeting and result of these meetings is official establishment of diplomatic relations between the two states.


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Representatives of the Embassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in Ukraine have launched the White Christmas Project.


The representatives of the Embassy together with volunteers and friends are traveling Ukraine this festive season with a special charitable White Christmas concert. In every city, where the event takes place, the guests will have an opportunity to enjoy timeless Christmas hits performed by Pavlo Ilnytsky, Oksana Karayim, Ladies’ TRIO and the LeoBand Orchestra. 


The Embassy expresses its gratitude to the authors of the project -Volodymyr and Nazariy Malanchuk (Sons Studio)  the organizers of the Sviat Promo and 21grams for such wonderful cooperation! A special thanks also goes to Ferrero та Kinder companies for support.



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The First Edition of Peace and Culture Gala : where reconciliation, art and charity meet .
The Imperial Order of Culture and Peace (an international NGO) and St John of Kronstadt Foundation teamed for the first annual Peace and Culture Gala in Los Angeles, California (USA). The intention of this charitable intiative, which is close in tradition to chivalry order, is to unite world royalty, aristocracy, artists and educationalists from all countries and walks of life in support of humanitarian efforts for positive global change. The Peace and Culture Gala dazzled the guests with world-renowned performer and multilingual Chinese singer Princess Long Long, who also joined Bertie Higgins in singing his  timeless Casa Blanca song. The harpist and singer Liza Wallace same as  rising pop star JP Vance graced the stage. The Gala’s artwork, some on display and some sold at charitable auction, included the masterpieces of Hovik and Tao Haixin. It also featured the artworks from the exquisitely illustrated “Beauty and the Beast: The Truth Mirror,” by Luidmila Menager, the French artists and writer, which was presented by Princess Karina Bagration, who attended the event as a guest of honor. The chair of the event and of the Order, Sir Linjie Chou Zanadu, discussed the importance of uniting  the efforts for harmony  in these turbulent times. In recognition of those doing so, he alongside Gala Secretary Sir Yu Hong Li and Imperial Order of Culture and Peace Ambassadress Kiera Smith, distinguished Princess Long Long and Bertie Higgins, Zack Beck, Eugene Solonin, Tao Haixin, JP Vance and Megan Beck. The event also featured educational nonprofit organization, now taking their cutting-edge, holistic English language methodology worldwide. Sir Eugene Solonin, vice-chair of the event, presented the incredible work of the St. John Kronstadt’s Home for the Elderly which was honored to receive the proceeds of the auction. Altogether, the sophisticated and diverse guests  enjoyed the opportunity to come together in solidarity to appreciate beauty and good will in classy elegance.
Special thanks goes to Huarenone Media

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The Royal House of Georgia , headed by H.R.H. Prince Nugzar Bagration- Gruzinsky, issued a new photo of the Hereditary Princess Anna of Georgia with her children.

The photo session featuring Her Royal Highness and her children, Princess Irine, Princess Mariam and Prince Giorgi took place in Georgia in a historic setting. Princess Anna of Georgia (born 1 November 1976 in Tbilisi) is a royal princess of the Gruzinsky branch of the Bagrationi dynasty of Georgia. Princess Anna is the eldest child of the head of the Royal House of Georgia, Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinsky, and his wife, Princess Leila Kipiani. Anna has one younger sister, Princess Maia Bagrationi-Gruzinsky, born on 2 January 1978. Originally a journalist, Princess Anna more recently worked as a teacher in a Tbilisi school. Princess Anna has shown an interest in the socioeconomic issues affecting vulnerable segments of the Georgian population. Working with Heifer International and other local NGOs, she is seeking to ameliorate the living conditions of internally displaced persons, especially those affected by the Russo-Georgian War. She is also a member of Honorary Committee of Princess Carina Organization (Geneva based, Switzerland, UN Global Compact Group Partner)




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The Royal House of Georgia headed by H.R.H. Prince Nugzar Bagration – Gruzinsky, presented its warm greetings due to Princess Carina Organization (Swiss based NGO, Under High Patronage of Geneva Canton)United Nations Global Compact Group official partnership.

United Nations Global Compact Group  is a  voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support UN goals. Since now the charity is listed at official page which could be consulted here:

Created by Princess Karina Bagration,PhD, an international activist and humanitarian, Princess Carina Organization is an independent, non-profit, neutral, non-governmental initiative which inspires to collaborate, exchange and help to catalyze existing worthwhile projects. Karina turns personal life experiences into a powerful tool to serve positive and sustainable social changes through various humanitarian projects.

We are particularly proud to have among our Honorary Members H.R.H. Princess Anna Bagration- Gruzinsky who has been helping us with educational projects a lot. Mother of 3 children and educationalist herself she understands deeply the need for positive social makeover. In addition, the mission of United Nations is close to her heart and she personally visited its headquarters when in Geneva.




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Official Press and News Release:

A famous American Pin- Up Artist Andrew Tarusov issued a poster to commemorate the Golden Age of Hollywood with Princess Karina Bagration as model.

He has been working as illustrator for 20 Century Fox, Walt Disney, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, USA Today, Time, The Huffington Post, MTV and Daily Mail to name a few. To picture ”His America” the artist was inspired by emblematic brunette actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh, Hedy Lamarr, Rita Hayworth and Karina’s photosession done for the occasion. Fruit and flowers are symbolizing the generosity of California, while stars and stripes pay special tribute to American pop-cultural influence. Princess Karina, who according to the artist represents the beauty standard of Pin – Up era, has long and deep connection to cinema and visual arts. With Alexander Khanzhonkov, a founder of modern Russian cinematography whose legacy, according to some historians, is connected to Tristar Pictures (USA) and popular Soviet actress Olga Kusenko among her relatives, she is an associate producer of Dragon Lion Media( Hollywood), radio and television school graduate, a Child of the Universe Film Festival and Reel Focus cinema talent project supporter. Together with Princess Carina Organization Team (Geneva, Switzerland, UN partners) she started The Courage to Change the World Cinema Award distinguishing and encouraging documentaries about people with special needs and actors with disabilities. In 2018 a collectible postage stamp was issued featuring the illustration. A few of them will be featured at charitable auction taking place in USA on 24 th of November in support of local American charities. Later, personalized and stamped, will be introduced to world philatelic communities (all rights reserved. copyright © 2018)



Please, visit his other project called Hollywood Icons:

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Meet Kseniya Simonova, the TV contest Ukraine’s Got Talent winner, at Verbier Music Festival (Switzerland)



On 31st July at Verbier Music Festival (Switzerland) a unique performance will take place. Two pianists – Georgy Gromov and Maria Masycheva and Sand artist Kseniya Simonova will perform together ”Cinderella” by Prokofiev. Simonova will recreate the fairy tale story in live sand drawing, following the music played by two pianos.

For more information, please visit:

Kseniya Simonova is a sand animation artist, the 2009 winner of the TV contest Ukraine’s Got Talent, which is part of the Got Talent series. She is a performance artist in sand animation, graphic artist, illustrator, film director and a philanthropist, and is a Merited Artist of Ukraine. Some other emblematic works by Ksenia could be seen here:

Princess Carina Organization (Under High Patronage of Geneva Canton, UN Partners) is proud to give Ksenia informational support.


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”Exchange of Information between Humanitarian Organizations –

Working in Ukraine”conference


The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Ukraine and the Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University jointly organized the international conference ”Exchange of Information between Humanitarian Organizations Working in Ukraine”. The ain topic of the conference was the quick coverage and correct information exchange  between humanitarian organizations, operating in Ukraine. Representatives of the Sovereign Maltese Order (who has been present and active in Ukraine since 1991), the United Nations, Churches, OSCE, and Caritas participated. OSCE Representative Jeffrey Ehrlich said, in particular, that the monitoring mission is making great efforts to solve landmines issue and help local people under conditions of humanitarian conflict. The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta Mr. Antonio Gazzanti Pugliese Di Cotrone stated that such cooperation is aimed at being transparent and open within the state authorities of Ukraine. It should be impartial concerning the autonomy of humanitarian organizations that are already successfully working. In addition, the coordination should accompany the high-quality support of specialists and managers of structures involved and their decisions should be joint and useful to people. Finally, the cooperation should ultimately create an information exchange and monitoring network. That would allow responding promptly to any current challenges.



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Les Roses de Bagatelle by Rashid Al Khalifa

Artist Rashid Al Khalifa‘s recent series Les Roses de Bagatelle opens at Guerlain, 68 Champs-Élysées, FR-75008 PARIS on 5 May 2018 at 10:30am. The exhibition shall remain open until 8 June 2018.

Inspired by the history of the Château de Bagatelle and the allure of the gardens that surround it, Rashid Al Khalifa’s most recent series was created as an homage to Guerlain whose scent “Le Jardin de Bagatelle’ took inspiration from the same park when it was crafted in 1983.

A continuation from the iconic convex form takes precedence as the foundation of Rashid’s work, each piece in these series employ delicate and intricately crafted aluminum flowers onto the curved, matte-enameled surface, in patterns. The resulting symmetrical compositions further demonstrate Rashid’s desire to formulate statements on minimalism, purity and balance, this time including natural representations of roses upon the foreground.

Interestingly, each work is distinguishable by their pattern, or by the number of roses that adorn their surface. Yet this number is not an indication of the authority of an individual piece, just as a single rose holds no less value than a bouquet of roses – its value is dependent on the context within which it is presented.

 “We are thrilled to collaborate with Rashid Al Khalifa, whose work we have admired for some time now. Guerlain values collaborations with the creative and is aware of the benefit not only in inspiring others but also in enabling our brand to be envisioned by respected and renowned artists such as Rashid Al Khalifa” said Guerlain.

About the Artist

Beginning his career in the late 1960s, Rashid Al Khalifa has exhibited in Bahrain and internationally. In 2010, a large-scale retrospective exhibition entitled “Convex: A New Perspective” was held for at the Bahrain National Museum.

Rashid Al Khalifa was the first president of Bahrain Arts Society and currently holds the title of Honorary President therein. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally. Solo exhibitions include Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, UAE (2018), Shuman Arts Organisation, Amman, Jordan (1997), De Caliet Gallery, Milan, Italy, and El Kato Kayyel Gallery, Milan (1996). His work as also been featured in group exhibitions such as La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy (2017 and 2015), Third Mediterranean Biennale, Sakhnin Valley (2017), Royal Bridges (Dubai, 2016), Bahrain Arts Society, Manama, Bahrain (2016), tRIO Bienal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2015), Issoudin Museum, Issoudin, France (2015), Galerie Gmurzynska, Art Basel Miami Beach (2010) Bahrain National Museum, Manama (2002), Taipei Art Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan (1999), Sharjah Biennial, Sharjah, UAE (1999), and Art America Exhibition, Miami, USA (1997).

About Guerlain and its art patronage

Since 1828, Guerlain explores, innovates and perfects fragrances, skincare products and makeup. Guerlain is a luxury house of daring creators, producing mythical creations with timeless savoir-faire. During the II French Empire, Guerlain was a purveyor to the Imperial Court under Emperor Napoléon III and Empress Eugénie.

For the last twelve years Guerlain begun a partnership with the Foire internationale d’art contemporain (Fiac) as well as the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP). It sponsors the Design Award of Daniel and Florence Guerlain.

Particular exhibitions and art collaborations are meant to highlight Guerlain’s patronage for beauty and artistic creation.

About the Château de Bagatelle

In 1777, the Count d’Artois (subsequently the last “King of France” as Charles X), a younger brother to King Louis XVI, accepted Queen Marie-Antoinette‘s challenge to build a maison de plaisance from the decaying Domaine de Bagatelle located in the outskirts of Paris, within but hundred days. Queen Marie Antoinette wanted to indulge a jolly moment there, before the Royal Court had to move to the regal Domaine of Fontainebleau.

Unbelievably the resourceful Count d’Artois won the bet, for the residence was
completed in merely sixty-four days. Marie Antoinette was 100 000 pounds poorer as a consequence.

Recorded as strikingly elegant by contemporaries, cosy for its visitors and joyful in atmosphere, the entrance to the château’s façade bears the inscription in Latin Parva sed apta or in English “Small but suitable”. And thus, can one describe the “folie d’Artois”, renowned for its romantic scenery, its exquisite rose garden as well as the soothing pink pastel colours of the château’s walls.



Intrinsically linked to France’s royal and imperial heritage, the Maison Guerlain has also drawn inspiration from this magnificent “folie d’Artois” for the production of verily French fragrances. In fact, in 1983 the Parc de Bagatelle, inspired Jean-Paul Guerlain‘s scent “Le Jardin de Bagatelle”.



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Princess Karina Bagration- Moukhransky legally proved her rights for name and title and was recognized by the Head of the Royal House of Georgia, H.R.H.Prince Nugzar Bagration – Gruzinsky.

In response to numerous accusations expressed on behalf of organization and team of Prince David Bagration-Moukhransky and the defamation which was published on Spanish blog( known under Doce Linajes de Soria), Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky officially addressed Dr.Oleg Manuta, PhD in Law, Cavaleiro Honorario Da Real Irmandade De Sao Miguel da Ala, Cavalieri dell`Ordine dei Santi Maurizio e Lazzaro, her legal advisor, with the official request to summit independent history, law and genealogy professionals aimed answering whether Karina has legitimate rights for her name and princess title. It was conducted involving independent experts and in total respect of international and Ukrainian legal standards. The results proved that even after her divorce Karina has the uncontestable rights for a princess title and style. She may use it as part of her full historical name till her next marriage.

The Digest of Laws of the Russian Empire (Свод законов Российской империи, pre-1917 Russian: Сводъ законовъ Россiйской имперiи) which states: “the husband conveys his title to his spouse, if by birth she belonged to less significant social statues and  coveys with it all rights and privileges  connected to it”: ( The Civil Law of Russian Empire issues analyzed- 1899 y., p. 3), 1722 January 24 (3890) p. 7; 1775  April 3 (14290); 1785 April 21 (16187) p. 3, 7; (16188) p. 82; 1807 December 22 (22726); 1808 May  17 (23027); 1814 November 30 (25740); 1815 September 21 (25947) p. 5; 1856 June (230679). (volume. IX p. 5; volume. Х part. 1 p. 100; volume . IX page . 44, 53, 367, 493, 539, 542, 710) and that ” the divorce is the cessation of the marriage that has all the legal consequences. “When a woman legally acquires the rights for her  husband’s title  by marriage, she does not lose is afterwards,  that is when she widows of divorces (Decree No. 9773 of The 1st Department of the Governing Senate, 1903) (Source: Prof. GF Shershenevich, ”Textbook of Russian Civil Law”, edition 1907, pp. 628-629 and authentic  legal text of  the Civil Law of the Russian Empire (last reduction edited on 1906)”.There were several cases alike , demonstrating the Civil Law in Action and based upon by the experts. The current Ukrainian Civil Law, namely the article 35 “the right for a surname choice” states –“A Ukrainian citizen may choose liberally the name and a surname to bear” and more precisely the article 113 states that “A spouse who changed her name upon marriage is entitled to retain her name after the marriage dissolution, or, if wishes so, may return her pre-marital surname.” In accordance to current Ukrainian legislation (same as other former USSR countries), the princely title can not be in exclusive property of either a legal or a private person as the monarchy was not restored. It can’t be granted or withdrawn. The title could only take the form of a complete historical surname in official documents (such practice exists in Germany, for example) which, however, does not diminish its historical or social meaning. Naturally, Princess Karina Vladimirovna Bagration-Moukhransky, (Bagration-Moukhranska – in Ukrainian) has full right to defend her dignity in all official legal bodies and use the results of this legal expertise as uncontestable prove of her rights. Finally, the Legitimate Head of the Royal House of Georgia, H.R.H.Prince Nugzar Bagration- Gruzinsky, recognized Karina as part of Bagrationi Dynasty with the Recognition Decree published officially on the site of the Royal House  on November 15, 2017 and  available at Prince Nugzar is Petres dze Bagration-Gruzinsky (Georgian: ნუგზარ პეტრეს ძე ბაგრატიონ-გრუზინსკების) (born 25 August 1950, in TbilisiGeorgian Soviet Socialist Republic is the senior descendant by primogeniture in the male line of George XII, the last King of Georgia (Kartli and Kakheti) to reign

Princess Karina Bagration- Moukhransky is a famous philanthropist, educationalist and media person. For ongoing promotion of the positive image of Bagrationi Dynasty, she was decorated with Dynastic Order of the Crown of the Georgian Kingdom.To discover more, please visit: and .The Cawa Media Team congratulates Princess Karina and wishes her lots of success.




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Ballo dei Cento e non più Cento” (Ball of the Hundred and not more than Hundred)

April 13-14, 2018

The Royal Family of Georgia attended the Ballo Dei 100 e non piu 100 on the 14th of April 2018 which took place in beautiful city of Casale Monferrato( Northern Italy). Princes Anna also attended the ball last year. This year she gave the key note speech introducing her father, the current Head of the Royal House of Georgia. This event is one of the most important cultural and social gatherings of Italian and European nobility that remains deeply linked to history, roots and traditions of Christian Europe. During this event The international Award of HRH Maria Teresa di Borbone Parma takes place. It encourages personalities for excellence in their profession, intelligence, generosity, humanism and peace building.



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March 15 to 20, 2018

More than a thousand participants from 131 countries and representatives of 27 regional and international organizations, as well as former heads of state and government, ministers, presidents of parliaments, policy makers and parliamentarians, took part in the Crans Montana International Forum in Morocco.



H.R.H Princess Anna was welcomed by Moroccan´s government officially as Royal Princess of Georgia. Princess Anna, among some first Ladies of other countries, was met at the ramp of airplane in Casablanca by Interior Minister Mr. Abdelouafi Laftit and the chief of protocol. Later she was tranferred to Dakhla (the capital of the Moroccan administrative region) where she was accommodated at a luxury cruise Italian ship Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV)´s cabin.

At Dakhla Princess Anna met Mr. Nasser Bourita whom His Majesty King Mohammed VI appointed on  April 5, 2017 as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Princess Anna met with authorities of other countries; Presidents, Prime Ministers and Monarchs, it seemed they all knew who she was and treated her with the highest reverence expected for a Monarch.

Some of the honored guess were Her Imperial and Royal Highness Camilla Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduchess of Austria and Princess of Tuscany , H.R.H. Princess Tirelo Molotlegi Member of the Royal Bafokeng Family of South Africa, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic from 2007 to 2012, Mrs Lidia Vice President Senate Italy. Debbie Remengesau, First Lady of the Republic of Palau, invited Princess Anna of Georgia to visit their island, HM Queen Nompumelelo Zulu queen of the Zulus south Africa, HM Zwelithini Goodwill king of Zulus South Africa, and much more.

The visit of H.R.H. Princess Ana Bagration- Gruzinsky, as Guest of Honor, took place to Morocco from March 15 to 20, 2018 with the kind invitation of Mr. Pierre-Emmanuel Quirin and H.E. Jean-Paul Carteron, President and Honorary Chairman & Founder of Crans Montana International Forum, “On Africa & South-South Cooperation” under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI who on Friday March 16, gave a royal message for the official opening session expressing his confidence in Africa, describing it as a land of opportunities that should be maximized in service of the development of the continent. Full text of King Mohammed VI.

The Crans Montana Forum is a Swiss Non-Governmental International Organization whose importance and prestige have been globally well-established since 1986. Its oldest Forums are held each year in Crans-Montana (CH-VS) and Geneva (CH-GE). It is formally recognized by and work with all major International Organizations, Governments, Business and Non-Governmental Organizations.

The Crans Montana Forum on Africa & South-South Cooperation in Dakhla on EURONEWS March 23, 2018

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Lady Colin Campbell, Prince Leo of Breithen-Thurn and Duke Olivier of Crussol d’Uzes attended launch of the Paul Smith’s collection at the Bentley & Skinner in Piccadilly, London

Last week on Wednesday, 7th March was most splendid evening in London. Full of diamonds, gold and champagne at the most famous and well known jewelers in the United Kingdom, the Bentley & Skinner – Royal Jewelers, who are inspiration for the Paul Smith’s new limited edition collection. Inspired by unique antique jewels from the Bentley & Skinner

Sir Paul Smith said in own words: “I have been receiving a very beautiful catalogue from Bentley & Skinner for quite some time and every-time it drops through the letterbox I always think that it’s so perfectly created and laid-out. I just kept thinking, “wow, these photos would make the perfect dress”.

Among British elite, art collectors, jewelry specialists and fashion designers were some members of British aristocracy and European royalty. Lady Colin Campbell was enjoying in various tiaras. Prince Leo of Breithen-Thurn chose late Victorian pearl and diamond tiara for Lady Campbell to try it on. She find this tiara most interesting one, as Lady Campbell set tiara on her head she received many compliments from reception guests. Future Duke of Crussol d’Uzes; Olivier, Dimitri Ziadie-Campbell and Prince Leo of Breithen-Thurn were enjoying in discussing jewelery history and seeing rare unique pieces. Mark Evans, Managing Director of Bentley & Skinner, and Omar Vaja, were best persons to explain which valuable treasures Bentley & Skinner poses and produce. Among them are rare and precious pieces of Fabergé.

Bentley & Skinner producing many jewels for members of the British Royal family since 1880. Recent visit from the Royal Family was by Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. Furthermore, their style and collections are real little treasures of London, especially pieces inspired by ancient Egypt or more closer Victorian era.


Photo: Andrea Fabrizi Photography for Cawa Media

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Lady Campbell, Prince Nicholas of Romania and Crown Prince Boris of Bulgaria attend Dreamtime Events Croatia Reception in London

Dreamtime Events Croatia, Croatia’s most prestigious and bespoke wedding planning and corporate events company held a private party at Ognisko Private Members Club in South Kensington, Thursday 15th February 2018.

The event, hosted by Dreamtime CEO, Branka Cubelic was organised to promote Croatia and to entice couples to choose Croatia for their destination wedding, honeymoon and/or elopement.

Dreamtime also specialises in corporate events and the evening was the perfect opportunity to meet with the Dreamtime Team, couples that have gotten married in Croatia through the services of Dreamtime Events and also couples who are about to say ‘I do’ in Croatia. Branka proudly recognised couples who have chosen to wed in Croatia as the greatest ambassadors for the country.

Honorary guests included Lady Campbell and Mrs Barbara Kaczmarowska Hamilton, who were both recipients of self portraits painted from Dalmatian red wine by talented local Croatian artist, Marina Tomasevic. Branka also presented Prince Leo of Breithen-Thurn with a special gift from Croata, Croatia’s most exclusive necktie brand.

VIP guests included members of the Royal Family including, Prince Nicholas of Romania with wifne Alina-Maria, Crown Prince Boris of Bulgaria, Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Prince of Tarnovo, Duke of Saxony, Countess Olympia of Lauterburg, Archduchess Anna-Monica of Austria, Princess Royal of Hungary, Duke Olivier of Crussol d’Uzes, Prince Christie of Hohenzollern, Prince Leo of Breithen-Thurn.

His Excellency Mr Christian Nkambule, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Swaziland, Dr Priyanka Kedia Goel, Mrs Metoda Mikuz, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Slovenia in London, Count Simone Balestrini of Stampa-Soncino and Count Andrea Boezio Bertinotti, Mrs Victoria Christian, daughter of Clive Christian and Lady Campbell’s twin sons, Sir Dmitri Campbell and Sir Michael Campbell and Maxim Bouchard, Canadian Olympic diver were also in attendance.

Catering was provided by famous restaurant, Zrno Soli located in Split, Croatia who flew in 3 chefs from the restaurant to cater for the evening and free flowing red and white wine by Zdjelarevic vino. The evening also included a special performance by Eve Polycarpou from Mamma Mia 2, who admitted that Croatia stole her heart last summer while she was on set on island Vis.



Photos Credits:  Iva & Vedran Weddings Croatia

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Nicholas de Roumanie, the grandson of King Michael of Romania, will get married next summer (2018) with Alina-Maria Binder.



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Spanning over increasing amounts of activities the duo consisting of Princess Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Prince Donatus of Schaumburg-Lippe started a unique challenge to raise both awareness and funding for the charity organisations Interhelp and Save the Children. The challenge started  in July 2017, as the duo attempted to complete the Mongol Rally, a motorised race from London to Ulaan-Ude north of Mongolia. Its noteworthy that In May 2016  both mother and son  ran an ultramarathon of 160km across the Bulgarian Rhodopes over the course of five days. The project combined both the strength required to complete the challenge and the already present successful projects established to prove that the impossible can be achieved.



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The Royal and Merciful Society of Bearers of Medals and Awards of
Belgium (Koninklijke en Menslievende Vereniging van Dragers van
Eretekens en Medailles van Belgie) granted Princess Karina Bagration –
Moukhransky with the Honorary Cross for Humanitarian Merits. Her
Highness is the President and Co- Founder of Princess Carina
Organization (A Swiss based NGO, Under High Patronage of Geneva
Canton, UN Global compact Group Partner The
Society was founded in 1865 and it decorates annually for courage,
self-sacrifice or long-term philanthropic activities. The nominees
must have excellent reputation and to be selected by International
Delegates. The Award is recognized by the Belgian State. At top of The
Royal and Merciful Society of Bearers of Medals and Awards of Belgium
is its Royal Patron, The King of the Belgians. The Decoration was
followed by a Gala with took place at luxurious Grand HoteI Hessischer
Hof  under patronage of H.R.H. Donatus, Prince of Hesse The guests had an opportunity to
enjoy special menu and taste the wines, selected for the occasion. The
guests also received  personal greetings from H.R.H. the Prince Louis
of Luxembourg.

Princess Carina Organization was delighted to donate some items on
behalf of its Project, Carina Art Trust, to the Charitable Auction
powered by Organizers in tribute of Syrian and African children. It is
expected that the founds will be donated to support a Ghana school and
a Syrian hospital for war victims. The volunteers are particularly
grateful to Mr.Thomas Kern ( Munich, Germany for  his valuable help as
professional auctioneer and to Mr. Rory O Neill, Chairman, Europagrid(
Ireland and Monaco).The Gregory III Laham Patriarch of Antioch and All
the East, of Alexandria and Jerusalem, personally attended the event
and sensitized people to support Syrian children in need. His
Beatitude is the spiritual leader of the Melkite Greek Catholic
Church, elected on November 29, 2000, succeeding Patriarch Maximos V
Hakim. He retired on May 6, 2017.



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The official visit of H.R.H. Princess Ana Bagration- Gruzinsky to Spain

The official visit of H.R.H. Princess Ana Bagration- Gruzinsky took place to Spain from 5 th till 7 th of July. In the framework of her visit Her Royal Highness met Spanish nobility, business and political elite. She also participated in Crans Montana Forum’s 28th Annual Session which took place in Barcelona in one of the key Mediterranean’s centers. She took active part in conference on the Silk Road Cooperation was organized on July 6, promoting prosperity and economic integration especially with Mediterranean, Middle East and African countries. This Program was a unique opportunity to foster Global Cooperation, develop Business Opportunities and strengthen International networks. Heads of State and Government, Ministers of Economy, Finance, Trade, Transport and Industry were invited to discuss the following topics:

  • Opening the way from Western Europe to China is also an opportunity for the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Africa.
  • As a key to major new markets, the Silk Road represents an unique opportunity for improving international cooperation and boosting economic Development
  • Common goals and achievements will improve peaceful relations and strenghten a confident shared Development
  • Outstanding transport networks and policies are the key to such a successful cooperation
  • The Eurasian corridors and the Maritime Silk Road lead to the Mediterranean, also gateway to the Atlantic World Intertwining diplomacy with economic stimulation and international cooperation
  • The new strategies for the Arab economies and the African countries where the most important potential of natural resources is The Development of the Silk Road Cooperation from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean is also a matter of transport facilities.

Princess Ana also had an opportunity to discover more about the New Leaders for Tomorrow Special Program which took place this year in Barcelona. It is a unique community of young leaders from Africa, the Arab World, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South-America and Far East selected thanks to their exceptional professional achievement, leadership experience and ability to promote peaceful dialogue worldwide. Together, they form a powerful Community to shape the global agenda and address the 21st Century major challenges.

Its noteworthy that last year, H.R.H.Prince  Nugzar Bagration- Gruzinsky nominated Princess Karina Bagration- Moukhransky, the president and founder of  Princess Carina Organization   ( Charity, Switzerland based) for the New Leaders for Tomorrow Award which she received from the hands of H.E. Mr. Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium. During the annual Gala dinner in presence of Spanish ministers and other government officials, Her Royal Highness Princess Anna decorated H.E.  Jean-Paul Carteron (Honorary Chairman & Founder of Crans Montana International Forum) with the degree of Grand Officer of the Royal Order of The Crown of The Georgian Kingdom.



The Forum was covered by Euronews:

More photo reports could be found at:

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Oplenac – St George’s church

St George’s Church (SerbianЦрква Св. Ђорђа) also known as Oplenac (Опленац), is the mausoleum of the Serbian and Yugoslavroyal house of Karađorđević located on top of the Oplenac Hill in the town of Topola, Serbia. The church of Oplenac was founded by King Peter I of Yugoslavia. Many members of the royal house are buried in the church, in the crypt beneath the church, or in the church yard.

Apart from the two tombs inside the church (Karađorđe’s in the southern apse; and Peter I in the northern apse), there are 26 other members of the dynasty whose eternal place of rest is in this mausoleum. Six generations of the Karađorđević family have been buried in this church:

  1. The first generation: Marica Živković, Karađorđe’s mother.
  2. The second generation: Karađorđe (in the church) and his wife Jelena Jovanović (1764–1842).
  3. The third generation: Karađorđe’s son Alexander and his wife Persida Nenadović (1813–1873).
  4. The fourth generation: Alexander and Persida’s nine children. As follows: Kleopatra (1835-1855), Aleksije (1836-1840), Svetozar (1841-1847), Jelena (1846–1867), Andreja (1848–1864), Jelisaveta (1851–1852), Dorde (1856–1888), Arsen, and Peter I (in the church) and his wife Ljubica also known as Zorka (she is buried in the crypt). Out of the ten children of Prince Alexander and Princess Persida, only their oldest daughter, Poleksija (1833–1914), was not buried here.
  5. The fifth generation, Peter I and Zorka’s children: Milena (1886–1887), George and his wife Radmila Radonjić (1907–1993), Alexander I and his wife Maria and Andrija (1890–1890, lived only for 23 days). And also Prince Arsen’s son Paul and his wife Olga.
  6. The sixth generation: King Alexander I and Queen Maria’s children: Peter II and his wife AlexandraTomislav, and Andrew. And also Prince Paul‘s sons Nikola and Alexander.
  7. Out of the 28 tombs of the Karađorđević dynasty, six of them belong to rulers: Supreme Leader KarađorđePrince AlexanderKing Peter IKing Aleksandar IPrince Paul, and King Peter II. It is an important place of Serbian history. On 6 October 2012, Prince Paul, his wife Olga and his son Nikola were all buried here after their remains were exhumed from the cemetery in Lausanne, and returned to Serbia.
  8. On 26 May 2013, Queen Maria, her sons King Peter II and Prince Andrew, and Peter II’s wife Alexandra, were all buried here after their remains were exhumed from Frogmore in Britain, the Saint Sava Monastery in Libertyville, Illinois, the cemetery of New Gračanica, also in Illinois, and Tatoi Palace in Greece respectively, and returned to Serbia
  9. The Serbian Royal family & The Oplenac Mausoleum



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The Royal Palace in Belgrade – Serbia

Visit the The Royal Palace that was built between 1924 and 1929 with the private funds of His Majesty King Alexander I(the grandfather of HRH Crown Prince Alexander). The Royal Palace was the home of King Alexander I and King Peter II (the father of Crown Prince Alexander). Today The Royal Palace is the home of Crown Prince Alexander and his family.

The Royal couple...

The architects were Zivojin Nikolic and Nikolay Krassnoff of the Royal Academy. The palace is built in the Serbian-Byzantine style. Attached to The Royal Palace there is a Royal Chapel dedicated to Saint Apostle Andrew The First-Called, the Patron Saint of The Royal Family. The chapel was built reflecting the monastery Church of Saint Andrew on the River Treska in Macedonia where the Holy Place of the medieval Serbian King Vukashin is located.

The Royal Palace is surrounded with pergolas, park terraces, swimming pools, pavilions and platforms. There are magnificent views from the palace towards the ridge of Dedinje Hill, Koshutnjak Forest, Topchider and Avala Mountain.

The ground floor reception rooms are very beautifully appointed. The Formal Entrance Hall is paved with stone and decorated with copies of medieval frescoes from the Monasteries of Dechani and Sopochani. The Blue Drawing Room is decorated in the Baroque style; the Golden Drawing Room (Palma Vecchio) and Dining Room are in the Renaissance style with impressive wood carved ceilings and bronze chandeliers. These rooms are ornately decorated with paintings of old masters and Renaissance painted Florentine Cassoni from the Royal collections. The Greater and Lesser Libraries are decorated in the same manner.

The Serbian Royal family



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”Ball of the 100 and no more than 100”

The event was sotto high patronato di S.A.R. L’Infante Dom Duarte, Duca di Braganza (seat per IL lutto following the death of the friar S.A.R. L’Infante Dom Henrique, Duca di Coimbra), S.A.I. & R. L’Arciduchessa Monika d’Asburgo, S.A.I. & R. L’Arciduchessa Walburga d’Asburgo, S.A.I. & R. L’Arciduchessa Margarete d’Asburgo, S.A.I. & R. L’Arciduchessa Johanna d’Asburgo and S.A.R. The Principessa Ereditaria Elia Zogu degli Albanesi.

”Ball of the 100 and no more than 100,” which was held Saturday, April 8, 2017, in the Palace of Treville Gozzani salons, home of the Philharmonic, via Mameli 29, Casale Monferrato. Traditional annual dance of the nobility held in Casale Monferrato. Organized by the noble Pierfelice Degli Uberti with the aristocratic Committee of “Circolo di Cento non piu di Cento).

The Ball of the 100 and no more than 100 comes from a tradition of Piedmont renaissance that saw the ancient participation in the middle of the dance of the old Capital of  Duchy of Monferrato of up to 199 people, at that time choices within as little as 100 of Nobility and not more than 99 of the Bourgeoisie, this tradition was taken up to the present day the ‘International Commission for Orders of Chivalry, from Historic Families of Italy, by the Circle and the hundred no more than hundred and the National Institute for Honor Guard to Pantheon.

The Noble Pier Felice degli  Uberti, Knight Grand Cross of Justice Constantinian (Spain), Chairman of two important and prestigious international scientific historical institutions CIGH (Confédération Internationale de Généalogie et d’Héraldique) and ICOC (International Commission for Orders of Chivalry), president of IAGI (Italian Genealogical Institute of Heraldry) and promoter of the Historical association Families of Italy, known and respected researcher, scholar, journalist, writer and editor.

(The International Commission and Association on Nobility´s Royal Patrons : HRH Crown Prince Leka II of the Albanians and H.R.H. Crown Princess Ana, daughter of Royal Patron H.R.H. Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski, the rightful heir to the throne of Georgia, attended the “Ballo dei 100 e non piu 100” in the beautiful city of Casale Monferrato, in Northern Italy. Princess Ana decided to wear the Grand Sash and Star of the Royal Order of the Crown of the Georgia Kingdom).



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Prince Georgy Bagration- Gruzinsky attends his first day at school.

Dressed in a small  dark blue jacket, Prince Georgy of Georgia began his first day at school. His mother, Princess Ana of Georgia  released the first pictures of little prince to show a good view of royal children, including Princess Miriam taking care of her small brother. Simultaneously, the Royal House of Georgia announced plans for Prince Georgy to attend the private School close to Tbilisi (Georgia) for next several years, and hopes that his privacy and the privacy of other parents and children  at school will be respected. To commemorate this special day for the family, long-term pedagogical and humanitarian activities of Princess Ana of Georgia, the Swiss based Pestalozzi Institute, which implements various educational programs around the globe, invited Her Highness to become their Royal Patron.



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Introducing the Royal Georgian`s Dynasty Book

We are delighted to inform you that recently a new scientific book ”The Royal Dynasty of Georgia and its offshoot branches” was published in two Volumes which presentation of this important historian hardcover was held recently on 2nd December, 2016.

The Royal House of Georgia and the Society of ”House of Bagrationis” – Raindi (Knight) Joseph Bichikashvili have done a magnificent exertion for the disclosure of genuine and true Georgia`s Royal House offsprings.  Interested parties received gratefully the beautiful illustrated historian facts about legitimacy and status about every member of this ancient Dynasty that depicts standings of each representative holding royal status to the present HRH Crown Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski who is the rightful lineal successor of the last kings of united Georgia, the rightful successor of the last kings of the kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti, and the senior descendant by primogeniture in the male line of Giorgi XII.  The next in the Line of Succession to the Throne is his daughter, HRH Princes Anna.

Leading Georgian`s  scientists were present at the presentation such as the Bishops of the Georgian Orthodox church, members of the Bagrationi Dynasty and Georgian citizens. Each speaker noted the importance of the work by thanking the author for distinguishable truthfulness of ancient and modern history of the Bagrationi Royal Family.




Speech of the Head of the Royal House of Georgia.


Speech of the Representative of Imereti Branch, Prince Giorgi Bagrationi.


HRH Princess Anna and HRH Princess Mariam at the ceremony.

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Following the invitation of Mr.  Pierre-Emmanuel Quirin , the CEO of Crans Montana International Forum  on behalf of  Mr. Jean-Paul Carteron (Honorary Chairman & Founder of Crans Montana International Forum) and HSH Prince von und zu Liechtenstein (the Honorary Chairman), Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky attended and actively participated in 18th Homeland & Global Security Forum held in Brussels (Belgium) on October 19 to 21, 2016. For many years now, the Homeland & Global Security Forum has been a privileged and unique platform gathering high level Government Officials, International Organizations, Parliaments, Specialized Administrations, Intelligence Agencies and Businesses from around the World.

The Forum started on October 19 with a Special day hosted by the European Parliament and placed under the aegis of the African Women’s Forum whose Honorary Committee is chaired by Mrs. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO.

In addition, Her Highness, the President and Founder of Princess Carina Organization, received the New Leaders of Tomorrow Award from the hands of H.E. Mr. Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium. The New Leaders for Tomorrow is a unique community of young leaders from Africa, the Arab World, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South-America and Far East selected thanks to their exceptional professional achievement, leadership experience and ability to promote peaceful dialogue worldwide. Together, they form a powerful Community to shape the global agenda and address the 21st Century major challenges.



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In 13th September 2016 the Royal family of Georgia visited the Patriarch of Holy city Jerusalem His Beatitude Theophilos III. The visit held in warm and friendly atmosphere. HRH Crown Prince noted an important role of His Beatitude in Christianity as whole and bestowed upon him the highest Dynastic Order of St. King David the Psalmist what was received with much gratitude by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. In his part His Beatitude gifted the royal family with holy icons, souvenirs and blessed the royal family. Respectfully, The Chancellery of the Royal House of Georgia, 2016.



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H.R.H. Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzisky and H.R.H. Princess Anna Bagration-Gruzinsky attended a delightful dinner held in His Majesty’s Kigeli V Ndahindurwa honor at the Cavalry and Guard Club.

H.R.H. The Most. Hon. Marquess of Redding served as H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent’s representative at the dinner. Some formerly-reigning royals families of Yugoslavia/Serbia attended in person.

The Royal Family of Montenegro was represented in person earlier in the day. H.I.H. Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassee (Ethiopia), H.M. Philppe – King of the Belgians, H.R.H. the Duke of Braganza (Portugal) and Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky, the President of ”Princess Carina Organization”sent either representatives , personal greetings and /or gifts.

Kigeli V Ndahindurwa  (born June 29, 1936) was the last ruling King (Mwami) of Rwanda from 25 July 1959 until 28 January 1961. He has traveled internationally to speak on behalf of the Rwandan people and repeatedly called for peace and harmony between the different groups. King Kigeli V has continued to remember the victims of the Rwandan Genocide and makes every attempt to reconcile between all political, ethnic, and religious parties in Rwanda to use the democratic process to solve any disputes. Kigeli was a friend of former South African president Nelson Mandela and invested a lot into intertribal peace building in Africa.



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On 9 June 2016, the ACRN Association under the patronage of Bishop Nestor, Bishop of Korsun with HRH Prince Dimitri of Russia as Honorary President of the ACRN, Mr Pierre de Fermor, President of the ACRN, HE Mr. Alexander Orlov – Russian Ambassador to France and Monaco – Mr. Sergey Sobyanin – Mayor of Moscow, Mr. Christian Estrosi – President of the Metropolis Nice (Côte d’Azur) , President of the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur participated and welcomed the guests to the Gala evening held to celebrate the opening of the Russian Cathedral St. Nicolas at the hotel ”Le Negresco” in Nice. The distinguished guests at the Charitable Gala Dinner, taking place at the Royal Hall, enjoyed the live performance of Natalia Ermilova, singer and violinist David Bubani, opera singer and violinist accompanied by pianist Genc Tukiçi,  other Russian artists. Charitable auction successfully raised founds for the further support of the Cathedral and development of culture.



Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duchess of Castro and Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky



His Reverence Nestor with the marchioness Roberta Gilardi and her husband Dr. Sestito



Mr Pierre de Fermor, President of the ACRN and the guest



Thank you to the photographers: Alina Angelina MAGNE and JF Desjacques

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