Stockholm International Digital Fashion Days 2020

Opening ceremony of Stockholm International Digital Fashion Days 18 th – 24 September 2020. Show screening at the restaurant ”Vau de Ville” in Stockholm city center. Cawa Media as mediapartner was participating at the event.

18th – 24th Sept 2020 is the new edition of Stockholm International Digital Fashion Days. From Sweden to Singapore. From Kazakhstan to Brazil. From Paris to Dubai. No matter where you are. Live a unique experience by discovering impressive designers and remarkable collections.

Fashion tells stories of cultures and heritage.

Stockholm International Fashion Fair aims to explore Cultures through fashion and bring forward creativity, self-expression and ingenuity.

We celebrate “Sustainable Fashion” and “Women empowerment” by hosting designers from all over the world.

”Stockholm International Fashion Fair” aims to promote designers who use sustainable way taking into account environmental and socioeconomic aspects, but also to encourage consumers to consume more ”sustainably”. Sto_Iff is a fashion show that focuses on sustainable and ethical fashion. Its predominant theme is diversity and multiculturalism in ethical fashion.



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