(Mulheres do Brasil) in Stockholm, Sweden

On the 9th of December, the Group Women of Brazil (Mulheres do Brasil) in Stockholm, in support of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, organized an inspiring meeting in the company of Ms.Juliana Paz, a Brazilian executive who, since 2010, has volunteered at the women’s shelters in the city of Södertälje.

The initiative is part of the “16 Days of Activism to End Violence against Women” – an international campaign to combat violence against women and girls, supported by UN Women, which is a global mobilization of civil society around this purpose and is an additional movement to a walk organized by the global network Mulheres do Brasil, which called for an end to the shameful indices of violence against women: “We can no longer accept that Brazil is positioned on the 5th place in this sad world ranking of femicide, where a woman is killed every two hours and there is a rape every 11 minutes.” said Mrs. Luiza Helena Trajano, the most influential Brazilian female executive and President of the Network.

Mrs. Darciele Feraru, a Brazilian Lawyer who leads the cause at the Swedish network, has witnessed many cases of abuse and assists survivors of domestic violence against foreign women in Sweden: “It is difficult to obtain statistical data on violence against Brazilian women abroad, as they are often at the mercy of their partners both legally (for example, depending on a visa) and economically. We became a familiar shelter to those women and our goal is to support them both emotionally, as well, as legally.”

Cawa Media support Mulheres do Brazil, and here are some pictures of the meeting.



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