Niš – Serbia

Vespa Bar Did you know that in Niš, at the Square of Republic, stands Vuks monument? Right in the centre of the modern bohemian neighbourhood, his view looks upon the Bar that radiates urban spirit. Here lives Vespa Bar, the portal from which urban lifestyle goes back to 1946 and has found its resting place in the city of Niš. Don’t miss it…


Mehananis restaurant Traditional Serbian food with fantastic entertainmment…at: ul.Prvomajska br.49 Niš


The hill of Bubanj, 3 km away from the city, was a place of mass executions of the prisoners from the Concentration camp in Niš during the Second World War.

According to testimonies of witnesses and the records of the War Crimes Committee, which investigated events at Bubanj after the liberation, it is estimated that more than 10.000 people were executed at this location during the war. Describing this horrifying place, the Committee stated that ditches had been found 20 to 50 meters long with human corpses, and there were several rows of victims in most of them, and there had been also evidence of burning victims in some of them.


Jelasnica gorge is positioned in the Southwest of Suva mountain, 15 km from Nis. The Jelašnica River cuts its way through limestone rocks of Suva mountain and creates a real rarity of the nature – the Jelašnica Gorge. Traditional Serbian food at local restaurant, with traditional Serbian cookies ORASNICE with nuts.


Niska Banja also offers wellness and spa programs helping your body and soul establish harmony and reduce stress. You may choose relaxation through a number of programs: anti-age, anti-stress, happy weekend and anti-cellulite. Packages are also available which include massage, jacuzzi with thermal water, aromatic baths, Finnish and vibro-saunas, and cosmetic treatment.


Gurmanova Tajna restaurant close to Niška Banja. Recommended for tradiotional local food. See our pictures here:



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