The 2nd Gala of Nations by Princess Carina Organization

The 2nd Gala of Nations by Princess Carina Organization (Geneva, Switzerland) in tribute of St. Lucy School for the blind and visually impaired (Turkana , Kenya)

A special awareness  event in support of  St. Lucy School for the blind and visually impaired (Turkana , Kenya) gathered over 100 international participants at Frank Page  Modern Art Gallery (Geneva), incuding:

•  Princess Karina Bagration – Moukhransky( Ukraine-Switzerland)
•  Prince Inigo von Urach, Graf Von Württemberg, Save the Lake Foundation(Germany-Lithuania)
•  Prince Samuel Opoku Akuffo Buxson, Royal Family of Akropong (France-Ghana)
Prince Randy Koussou (France-Ghana)
• A. Sogan, Tribal Prince of Allada & Abomey, (France-Benin)
• The Ambassador of Kenya to United Nation Dr. Stephen Ndungu (Kenya)
• Baron von Echlin , Save the Lake Foundation (Kenya-France-Germany)
• Ms Caroline Carmona Mesquida, Founder of Femmes Internationaux Meures Brise, (France)
• Mr Fred Kleinberg, winner of the Grand Prize of Contemporary Art (Under High Patronage of Princess Caroline of Hanover), the author of The Reborn   Art Project (France)
• Ms Martina Colbiörnsen (Sweden)
• Miss Patrycja Petersson(Sweden)
• Mr Peter Lulle & Larisa Johansson – Cawa Media(Sweden)

At the: Galerie Frank Pages, 2 Grand rue, Geneva
in Switzerland the 24th of November 2015.

The event was also supported by:

Ms Tegla Loroupe, World Marathon Champion, global spokeswoman for peace, women’s rights and education (Kenya)
Ms Homayra Sellier, Founder of Innocence in Danger, (Switzerland)
Princess Anna Bagration- Gruzinsky of Georgia (Georgia)

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