Ida Sjöstedt S/S 2016

Swedish fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt graduated from London’s University of Westminster in the year 2000, and set up her own label in Stockholm the following year.
Since then she has become one of Sweden’s most popular designers, combining ready to wear collections with couture dresses for private clients, and with an ever growing following crowd who love her signature style of tasteful kitsch.

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Collection S/S 2016
Welcome to the age of innocence. Take the stairway to heaven or fly on the wings of love straight to heaven number 7. Girls with flowers in their hair are pretty as pictures and beautiful as poetry in motion. This is the enchanted summer of love. Let all your troubles disappear and enjoy the beauty of it all while it lasts.

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Designer: Ida Sjöstedt Stylist: Sofie Krunegård, Hall&Lundgren Hair: Kevin Murphy Make up: Sandra Wannerstedt, MIKAs Looks Music: Erik Wikström Shoes: Nails:Frida Selkirk



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