Czech republic – Grow our Humanity

År 2020 står hela världen inför en ny utmaning. När vi kämpar mot covid-19 med alla nödvändiga medel – vetenskapliga, sociala och ekonomiska –  reflekterar vi också över en värld som förändras och omformas under en kris. En djupare förståelse av vår situation visar hur vi interagerar med världen som mänsklighet. Humanism betonar människans ansvar gentemot världen. Som filosofi och beslutsamhet har humanism tagit mänskligheten ut ur de mörka åldrarna många gånger. #growourhumanity

In 2020, the whole world faces a global challenge. While trying to combat covid-19 by all necessary means – scientific, social and economic – we are also reflecting on the world that will emerge once the crisis is over. A deeper understanding of our situation entails reckoning and transformation of the ways in which we interact with the world as a human kind. The NEW NORMAL asks an urgent and appropriate response from all of us. This response cannot be just in terms of numbers, statistics and charts – i.e just more of what we have been doing for the last several centuries. We have to reflect back the roots of humanity, remember where the seeds of humanity thrive the most and plant new ones for the future.

Humanism highlights human beings’ responsibility to the world. As a philosophy and a commitment, it has led the human kind from dark spots many times already. By bringing to public space inspiration from the most notable Czech and European humanists, we want to stimulate a vision of future based on shared emphasis on humanity as a commitment.

Czech seeds of humanity
The Czech nation has a strong tradition of humanism anchored within. We chose 3 representatives  (V. Havel, T.Garigue Masaryk, J.Patočka, J.A.Komenský) known worldwide, who have evolved the concept of humanity and human endeavor, emphasized the love of truth, moral integrity, the faith in the power of the human spirit, and a duty to contribute to the general development of human society through the performance of “everyday work”. All of them have practically used their ideals in their life – as activists, politicians, and teachers.

„The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.” – Václav Havel

We say goodbye to Ambassador Jiří Šitler who is leaving Stockholm, Sweden. Thank you for your 4 years in Stockholm. We enjoyed having a wonderful ambassador, with who we co-operated with at several events and occasions. Thank you Ambassador Jiří.

Here a few random pictures from events and occasions with Jiří and his spouse Irina, daughter Alexandra, and son Jan Adam (who is born in Sweden) plus other honoured guests during the years 2016-2020.



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