The Royal Swedish Mounted Guards use Czech horses

An introduction of two new Czech horses at the Royal Mounted Guards (Beridna Högvakten) at K1 who use Czech horses (Old Kladruber breed). If you are familiar with the Mounted Guard which you probably know from many parades and royal events you probably noticed that they have black horses (English shire horses for drummers), white horses (Czech Old Kladruber breed, used for trumpeters) and brown horses (Swedish warmbloods). We (Cawa Media) where welcome to introduce the two new Czech horses (Bolof and Blue eyes) – originally, the entire diplomatic corps would have been invited, but due to the pandemic, we where only one’s invited visiting them (with the commander of the Cavalry Barracks Major Arne Wuolo and with the secretary general of the Beridna Högvakten association Lena Linn together with the Czech Republic ambassador Mr.Jiří Šitler. More info about the horses, please check the English webpage of the National Stud in Kladruby: 


K1 på Lidingövägen 28

Beridna högvakten

In order for the Beridna Hogvakt to be able to spread joy, pumping and standing on the streets of Stockholm, two main actors are needed today. One is the non-profit organization The Association of the Knight Guard, the other is the Armed Forces.

The association was formed in 1985 with the aim of preserving the horses in the Swedish state ceremony. The association finances the purchase and training of the 100 horses required for the operation and accounts for half of the direct costs (feed and more) for the operation of the stable at the Cavalry Barracks. It is no longer the state that pays the horses, but the association and its members. The ridden guard parade is an important symbol for Sweden and plays an important role as part of the Swedish cultural heritage during state visits, national day celebrations and royal weddings. Without this association and its members, this long-standing tradition would disappear.

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