The International Philanthropic Society IPS at the French Ambassador’s residence

International Philanthropic Society of Sweden

Requests the pleasure of your company at the IPS 5th Anniversary Get-together
at 6.30 pm on Thursday 25th October 2018 at the French Ambassador’s Residence (Narvavägen 26 in Stockholm)

Program: Reception, buffet dinner & entertainment
At this occasion IPS will take the opportunity to help one individual, 13-year-old Oscar Eklund, who is suffering from skeletal cancer and has had to have a leg amputated. Oscar is undergoing long- term treatment. Our donation will enable him to take a holiday when he is better.

The International Philanthropic Society IPS in Stockholm was founded in 2013 by Kanthi S Beck with the support of the international community and Swedes in Stockholm. The International Philanthropic Society was registered in May 2013 as a non-profit organization. It was inaugurated by the French Ambassador at the time, Jean Pierre Lacroix. IPS is a voluntary society. The object of the Society is to support especially vulnerable children, including the visually and hearing impaired and other
physically challenged children. The IPS aims to support projects where it makes a difference. For more information see




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