A Fundraising Gala dinner for the benefit of Hand in Hand on October 6 th, at 6:30 PM 2017 at the Grand Hôtel, Mirror Hall.

AUCTION LIST Hand in Hand 6 Oct 2017 

Dress code: Black tie or Indian style encouraged
Program: Reception . Dinner . Entertainment . Auction

International Philanthropic Society, IPS was founded in Stockholm and registered as a non-profit, voluntary organisation in May 2013.

The Society was inaugurated by the French Ambassador to Sweden, H.E. Jean Pierre LaCroix on 3rd October 2013, at his residence.

The International Philanthropic Society was founded by Kanthi S Beck and Silvana Rizzi Lenahan with the support of Swedes and the international community in Stockholm. They include special friends from the Diplomatic Corps and the international community as well as Swedes who believe in the aim of the International Philanthropic Society.

Most of the Board members are current or past Presidents of well-known clubs in Stockholm. They understand the need for and have experience of voluntary philanthropic work, and believe in giving a helping hand to help improve the lives of vulnerable children.
The IPS aims to support projects where it can make a difference.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide support for vulnerable children, especially those who are physically challenged, blind/deaf to restore their belief in the future so they can play a meaningful role in society.

How we help
The Society will focus on supporting projects/institutions and special needs children’s schools which are dedicated to providing a healthy lifestyle and a quality education.

We are at the beginning
IPS will support selected projects for the time period required to ensure the help provided is effective. To begin with we will provide help where it is most urgently needed for the chosen projects.




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