Anna Bergman vernissage

Solo Exhibition – VIP kväll – Galleri Magno Art – Sibyllegatan 12 in Stockholm Sweden

Anna Bergman was born in Göteborg Sweden to Ellen and Ingmar Bergman.

She left Sweden at 16 and took the boat to London with money she had saved looking after a little boy after school in London she worked for a year as an Aupair.

After this she married an Englishman named Peter Brown, and had a son Mikael.

Anna then started a nursery school with friends to care for children under five, so she could then take her son with her.

When Mikael started school Anna started her modelling career that took her on many assignments from FDulux, Kellogs, Ford and Heinz. Calendars and book covers and much more that led to TV and film commercials.

Her first British film was an adventure of a taxi driver that got her the equity card she needed to work in England as an actor with many films in England and Europe.

Her TV role as Ingrid Svensson in the hit comedy series Mind yor language made her a household name and was sold to 26 countries.

Anna was seldom out of the press about her work and her life.

But later Anna then married her second husband Douglas Allen and started a hospitality company for all mayor sporting events.

Anna had lead a colourful life and was engaged six times in between marriages.

Later in life Anna moved away from London to Hampshire to be near her son Mikael and his wife Nicki and her beloved grand children Hannah and Lucas.

Anna has written two books the first ”Inte pappas flicka” and a novel Crooks.

Two years ago 2015, Anna started painting inner landscapes and more.

She have her first exhibition of her 40 paintings at Magno Art Gallery in Stockholm from 28th of Septermber until 11th of October, See Magno Art Gallery.

VIP evening at the Gallery in Stockholm September 28th, 2017;





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