Draugiem Group – Latvian equivalent of Facebook

Draugiem Group

In 2004, Draugiem created a social network for a Latvian audience. The network experienced explosive growth and became one of the leading internet mediums in Latvia. As time passed, they understood that their knowledge and skills have a further reach, which is why under the wings of Draugiem.lv, several new ideas were born and eventually developed into a few of their own companies.

Office video

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Latvia is the only country in Europe, where the local social network draugiem.lv is still the market leader and has a dominantly larger registered and active user group than Facebook, with over a million active users.


Registered draugiem.lv users in Latvia: 1 244 872 (Facebook 327 940; Twitter 62 000)

The success story of draugiem.lv is one of the most popular in Latvia. The company grew from two founders and a software engineer, to becoming friends with all of the Latvians around the world, became the most viewed Latvian webpage, and in eight years evolved to become the “Draugiem Group”.

But draugiem.lv isn’t only a social network anymore. The success of draugiem.lv has fostered the development of several startups, which in turn became their own companies. The Draugiem Group currently consists of 14 companies and over 100 employees, and cover a wide range of services such as SMS marketing solutions, developing telemetry and GPS devices, different web applications, and even a modern television platform with social media integration. The Draugiem Group has annual revenue of more than $18.5 million.

Intestringly for the Eastern European setting, the Draugiem Group office vibes of Silicon Valley culture – complete with Segways, bean-bag conference rooms, summer working terraces, shared lunch, company gym, and more. Just like your typical Silicon Valley startup, they also have their eye on the American market, developing products meeting or even exceeding the quality of their American competition.



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